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SKU: 38026
Weight: 1.00 LBS

Obsolete Item See 48278

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Obsolete Item: Please see the new item here - LMI 48278



Injection valves are used in many industries to prevent the process fluids from going back to the chemical line, and causing any potential issues. By preventing the backflow of the process fluid, these valves generate a well-defined back pressure. Usually these valves are mounted at the point of injection, and connected to the metering line. There are different types of injection valves, with diverse capabilities, and properties, which are suitable for use in different applications. One such type is the injection check valve. Cannon Water Technology, Inc., is one of the leading distributors of high-quality injection check valves at most competitive prices. The SKU of this check valve is 38026. This is an LMI valve.

Technical Specifications

The following technical aspects of these check valves make them suitable in a variety of applications.

  • The SKU for this valve is 38026.
  • This LMI check valve features a PVC housing.
  • The injection check valve has a Hastelloy C spring-loaded check ball.
  • The priming pressure of these valves is 0.5 bar approximately.
  • The PTFE screw-in part of the injection valve helps in preventing the deposits.
  • At 25 °C, the maximum operating pressure of this valve is 16 bar.
  • At 45 °C, the maximum operating pressure of this valve is 7 bar.
  • This product weighs 1 lb.


oØ x iØ mm

6/4 - R 1/2 for PE/PTFE pipe

6 x 4

8/5 - R 1/2 for PE/PTFE pipe

8 x 5

12/9 - R 1/2 for PE/PTFE pipe

12 x 9

10/4 - R 1/2 for PVC hose

10 x 4

12/6 - R 1/2 for PVC hose

12 x 6

Beneficial Features of the 38026 Check Valve

The reason for the continuously increasing popularity of these valves in a wide range of applications is the many beneficial features that they have. Here are a couple of most striking features:

  1. This check valve is most commonly used as a non-return valve in closed pipe systems. This helps prevent the backflow, and thus mixing into the metering line.
  2. You can use this 38026 LMI valve as a back pressure generator in those systems that have a free outlet. They help in generating a back pressure that is well defined.
  3. The bleed through that can occur when line is drained, or water pressure is low is prevented by using the injection check valves.
  4. When the line is flowing and metering pumps are off, it can lead to siphoning. This can be prevented when you use these check valves.
  5. This product is made from high-quality materials, and has undergone rigorous testing and quality control process. This makes it extremely reliable.
  6. Genuine LMI parts are used, which further increases the reliability of this 38026 LMI injection check valve.

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