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Alarm and Monitoring Panel with Audible Alarm and LED Flashing Strobe

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Introducing our alarm and monitoring panel with microprocessor controller.

This handy little box will let you know when something important is happening and needs to be dealt with.

Our alarm and monitoring panel will sound a very loud audible alarm and display a very bright LED strobe  when it receives input from an external source like a float switch or other dry contact input. An illuminated button on the front panel is used as a press to silence switch shutting off the audible alarm until the alarm condition is re-set. The flashing strobe will continue until the alarm condition goes away. Power is provided by a 9 volt lithium ion battery for long life or you can plug in an external  power supply for continuous power. The circuit will monitor battery life and chirp when a low battery is detected.  When an alarm is activated a built in relay will close allowing you to control axillary equipment like shut off valves or solenoids or you can tie the contact closure into your SCADA or alarm monitoring systems.



  • 90db Audible Alarm
  • 9 Volt Circuit (Lithium 9VDC Battery)
  • External power adaptor ready
  • Bright LED Flashing Strobe Light
  • Press To Silence Button
  • Battery Powered or Line Powered
  • Microprocessor Controller
  • Dry Contact Input
  • Built-in Relay
  • Weather Proof
  • PVC Enclosure Nema 4X / IP65



  • Alarm Notification
  • Leak Detection
  • Level Monitoring
  • Overflow Monitor
  • Security System
  • Chemical Low Alarm
  • Remote Alarm Panel

Use this alarm monitoring panel with just about any sensor with a digital output. We carry many sensors and can help you with product selection. Please contact us anytime to discuss your project. We are glad to help. 

 Alarm Notification System (AL-MP2)


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