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Power Failure Alarm

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Equipment Power Failure Alarm


The power failure alarm continuously monitors 120V AC power outlets and if there is an interruption, the LED flashes and a 103dB beeping alarm sounds to let you know. The alarm can be silenced by pushing the green button. A selectable "snooze alarm" feature will cause the alarm to come back every 5 minutes or 60 minutes until power is restored. Will alarm for 50 hours straight with the supplied Lithium battery.

The only power failure device with plug detection. If your plug becomes unplugged from the power fail alarm itself, this is detected electrically and the alarm sounds.

Simple installation, just pop in the (included) long-life lithium battery. After that you are protected for the next 10 years.

Very loud beeping audio buzzer - 103dB at 2 ft will never be missed even in noisy factories.

Extremely low power consumption allows the lithium battery to last up to 20 years**. After that time, if battery power is low due to excessive alarming time, a low-battery warning alarm sounds for many weeks.

Flexible logic so it can detect millisecond blips, (useful for computer equipment) or only report power outages longer than 10 seconds.

Auxiliary output can trigger an autodialer, wireless transmitter, or other remote devices. Can either supply 9VDC (16V Regulator) or provide a contact closure. (Call before ordering if you want this feature. We will add a cable for you)

Built-in Flashlight comes on when power fails to light walkways. 3W LED is the same LED used in high end flashlights. When silence button toggles it on and off. Flashlight automatically turns off after 30 minutes to save power.

Includes a secure screw-mounting tab for critical process monitoring equipment, freezers, heaters, pumps, fans and more.

Typical applications where you can use a loss of power alarm:
  • Cooling tower controllers
  • Boiler controllers
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Lab equipment like incubators
  • Chillers
  • Aquariums
  • Air conditioners
  • Security systems
  • Computers
  • Monitor battery backup equipment
  • Portable generator theft alarm
  • Medical equipment power failure alarm
  • C Pap Machines
  • Respirators
Note: This is a power monitor only and does not provide power to equipment. It's not a battery backup.

PFA-1 - Standard model with NEMA 5-15P plug.

PFA-2 - Has a cord grip for wire connection to external devices tirggered by contact close or 9V output. (both 5 second duration) Easy to change in the field.

PFA-4 is the same as the PFA-1 but has an even louder 103dB warbling buzzer and a flashlight feature.

Now with 16V regulator so you can hook up other power to it besides the 9V battery.
Loss Of Power Alarm and Monitoring System

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