Beta Technology SingleShot Chemical Pump

Beta Technology

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Beta Technology SingleShot is a microprocessor-controlled chemical injection device for accurate, on-demand dosing for a variety of applications, including over-the-sink pot and pan and top-load laundry machine dosing.

SingleShot features programmable delay, dose and lockout times of 0 to 20 minutes each. The programmable delay time is excellent for top-loading laundry applications where a pre-wash cycle occurs, as well as for sink-fill applications where the operator requires a minimum chemical dilution. 

The programmable dose time allows you to set the dispenser to dose chemical for a specified runtime, or to pump a specific amount of chemical by setting run time volumetrically using a measuring cup. A lockout time can be programmed to occur after the dosing event to protect against repeat dosing.

SingleShot is available in 115 VAC or battery power. It has a low-battery indicator to tell you when it is time to change the batteries.


  • Incredibly easy to program
  • Can be equipped with an external trigger for remote dosing
  • Easily automates top-loading laundry machine dosing
  • Programmable lockout prevents accidental repeat dosing
  • Water-resistant enclosure



SingleShot pump has a silicone tube, mounting bracket and installation kit (1202593) that includes 25 ft. of 1/4-inch tubing, standpipe, tie wraps and mounting hardware. Batteries are not included.


Pump accepts most Beta Technology 100 Series Tubes. Many tube sizes and material choices available for specific applications are available on request.