BioLine Drain & Grease Trap Treatment

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BioLine Products contain natural and friendly bacteria that are specially formulated to consume grease and keep drain systems free flowing. The bio-technique is the same bio-cycle that is responsible for the removal of unwanted decaying organic material from our streams and rivers.

Unique Program

  1. Friendly, natural occurring bacteria that are selected to provide enhanced digestive performance. Once applied to the system, the biological product multiplies rapidly producing a bio-film of friendly grease digesting bacteria colonies. These colonies work to clean and maintain drain lines and improve the efficiency of grease traps.
  2. The BioLine program may incorporate an automatic feeding system equipped with a timer for ease of application to insure consistent application. Another option is using a concentrated Grease Trap Block designed to dissolve slowly and also insure consistent application. A manual application is also available for residential customers as well as many commercial customers.
  3. BioLine treatment is designed to be applied after the drain lines have been cleared by a professional drain cleaner or after the grease trap has been properly pumped. This porgram is designed to enhance the services offered by the drain cleaning professional.

Basic Product Information:

The bacteria produce a non-living catalyst called ENZYMES that assist the processes such as digestion or degradation of organic waste. The bacteria function by utilizing enzyme systems to liquefy and break down solid fats, oil and grease so they in turn can be absorbed by the bacteria. Once absorbed by the bacteria, the fats, oil and grease are converted all the way to the natural elements of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water). This process creates a bio-film. You may have seen this type of bio-film on the rocks that you see around lakes and streams. When you see this film you know that the natural bacteria are working.

BioLine is not an enzyme product. Straight enzymes just liquefy the fats, oil and grease and move the problem downstream. BioLine uses bacteria producing enzymes that assist the complete absorption of fats, oil and grease.

The bacteria will work as long as there is a food source. If the drain lines are clear, it will gain its food from the fats, oil and grease that are carried through the system.

BioLine uses the latest technology to insure top quality.

Specially formulated for commercial applications; it is an environmentally safe, easy-to-use, concentrate which absorbs and digests fats, oils and grease. BioLine Drain & Grease Trap Treatment can be used with a flow meter to insure a consistent preventative maintenance program.

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