Boresaver for Basement Drainage Cleaning

Posted by David Cannon on 11th Jun 2020

Boresaver for Basement Drainage Cleaning

Iron Reducing Bacteria (IRB) Removal from Basement Drainage Systems

Iron Reducing Bacteria (IRB) or Iron OCHRE is found in water systems where naturally occurring iron is present. Well water systems and drainage systems can become plugged with IRB that feeds off the iron and produces a sticky slime mass that clogs pipes, pumps, valves and associated equipment. This can lead to reduced water flow, overflowing of drainage systems and failure of submersible pumps or sump pumps.

Attempts to kill off the bacteria using disinfectants like chlorine have proven to be ineffective due to the slime produced by the bacteria acts as a protective barrio to chlorine. The best way to remove the slime masses is to acidify them using a special blend of acids designed to safely break down the contamination and make it easier to flush out of the system. The product is called  BoreSaver Ultra C.

BoreSaver Ultra C was designed for use in well water systems where iron reducing bacteria has cased the well to become so plugged that water has either stopped flowing or has been significantly reduced. When this happens, the well can pump itself dry causing damage to the submersible pump including calcification of minerals that lead to further plugging. BoreSaver Ultra C is used to break up the IRB enough to allow it to be pumped from the well.

Alternately people have discovered that BoreSaver Ultra C can be used as an Iron OCHRE cleaner. It can be mixed with water into a solution and poured into the drain lines to help break up the Iron OCHRE contamination allowing it to be flushed from the lines with clean water. It can also be used to clean up filters, pumps and components that are clogged with the iron bacteria.

How to use BoreSaver Ultra C for Iron OCHRE removal in Basements and Sump Pumps:

Mix about 1 to 2 pounds of BoreSaver Ultra C powder into 5 gallons of fresh water. Slowey pour the mixture into the drain lines at the furthest points. Allow the mixture to soak for several hours before flushing. Overnight soaks seem to work best. Use the mixture to clean off surfaces contaminated with the Iron OCHRE and rinse with fresh water completely.

Tips: Some people have found that it is helpful to plug the lateral drain lines with a rag or sponge where those lines enter the sump pit. Carefully fill the lines with BoreSaver Ultra C solution mixed with water into the lines filling those lines partially full. Allow some room in the pipes for the water that is draining into them. This allows the mixture to contact more surface area and get most of the Iron OCHRE into contact with the solution. Pull the plugs after several hours or overnight and flush with plenty of water.


Always wear gloves, goggles or face shield when using BoreSaver Ultra C. This is an acid and may cause skin irritation. Always flush out the BoreSaver Ultra C completely and check with pH strips that the water is safe to use.

BoreSaver Ultra C ~ Iron Reducing Bacteria Treatment for Wells and Basements

Ultra C ~ Iron Reducing Bacteria Treatment for Wells and Basements