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BoreSaver Ultra C ~ Iron Reducing Bacteria Treatment for Wells and Basements

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Have you noticed the rusty slime inside wells and bores, or cloudy and rusty water flow during the pump start-up or reduced water flow from pipes? Are the drain lines in the basement plugged up? Is the sump pump plugged and not working?  Did you find slimy masses blocking main lines and laterals, or drain tile and drain block plugged with IRB. Is there an unpleasant odor in the water that is pumped from the well or severe stain on pavements and walls foliage? Do you know these problems are caused due to severe iron related bacteria contamination? Sometime called iron ochre. So, how can we effectively minimize and control iron related bacteria contamination? How can we remove the iron plugging up the drains? BoreSaver Ultra C is the answer. 

At Cannon Water Technology, Inc, we offer a simple and extremely useful solution that cleans out the iron contamination and prevents iron oxide residues from building up in the well/bore or drainage system. BoreSaver Ultra C ~ Iron Reducing Bacteria treatment is designed for approved borehole cleaning, well rehabilitation, drain and sump cleaning, filter cleaning and water supply treatment. BoreSaver will extend the working life of pumping equipment, piping, drains, filters and accessories.

The SKU of this iron oxide well cleaner is BS-ULTRA-C.

Specifications of BoreSaver Ultra Iron Oxide Well Cleaner

This cost-effective well treatment product should be applied in the right dosage after determining the well diameter, depth, diameter and the amount of iron bacteria buildup present, and static water level.

Ultra C Dosage chart is depicted below. or click here to download the dosage calculator.

This worksheet can you help you calculate how much BoreSaver Ultra C to use in any given situation.

Enter values into input boxes, replacing the sample data.

Results will be shown in the output boxes below. 

Product Usage Calculator

  US Imperial
Well Diameter inches
Total Well Depth feet
Static Water Level feet
BoreSaver Ultra C Recommended Dose Rate
Severe pounds 4% 27 lb. Container
Maintenance pounds 2% 27 lb. Container
boresaver well

Well casing/pipe diameter (in.)


Per Foot of




Dosage (lb. /ft.)




Dosage (lb. /ft.)






































Features of BoreSaver Ultra Iron Oxide Well Cleaner

Most of the times, iron related bacteria build up causes serious problems such as a decrease in water well efficiency, and an increase in energy costs and pump maintenance. However, with this easy to apply iron bacteria treatment solution, you can clean the iron out of the well or drainage system and improve flow and the quality of the water supply. This fully biodegradable water well treatment is widely chosen for the following beneficial features.

  • BoreSaver Ultra C comes in a solid crystal form, and is safe, and easy to use.
  • This environmentally friendly product can be added directly to the well or borehole, drain tile or drain block without dismantling equipment.
  • It is an approved proprietary blend of monohydrates and organic acids containing no harsh chemicals. It is more effective than the other similar products containing hazardous chemicals.
  • It is tested and certified by NSF International, the Public Health & Safety Company in America, under ANSI/NSF Standard 60.
  • BoreSaver Ultra C is ideal for potable water supplies, as it not only cleans iron and manganese oxides, but also can be used as part of regular system maintenance.
  • This BoreSaver Ultra C iron oxide treatment works really fast by loosening and dissolving the deposits and related contamination within 24 - 48 hours.
  • Available in 10lb and 27lb boxes, this iron ochre cleaning chemical and well treatment product augments the quality, output and flow of water supplies.
  • This enhanced treatment is even effective for more severe cases of iron oxide contamination. 
  • The product can be easily agitated using surge and brush, air lifting or pump-in recycling rehabilitation techniques.

Applications of Iron Oxide Well Cleaner

With the regular use of this completely safe and fast-acting Boresaver Ultra C, you can be ensured that the well/bore and pumping equipment is working at maximum efficiency. This iron bacteria treatment product is widely used in the following industries and applications:

  • Water/wastewater treatment plants
  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Dewatering
  • Water supplying systems
  • Control of iron reducing bacteria
  • Well water systems
  • Drain lines
  • Drain block plugging control
  • Drain tile cleaning
  • Iron ochre cleaning chemical
  • Basement drainage system cleaner
  • Sump pump cleaning chemical

Test your water for IRB using a simple BART Field Tester


 Buy IRB BART Testers Here


How to use BoreSaver Ultra C for Iron OCHRE removal in Basements and Sump Pumps:



Mix about 1 to 2 pounds of BoreSaver Ultra C powder into 5 gallons of fresh water. Slowey pour the mixture into the drain lines at the furthest points. Allow the mixture to soak for several hours before flushing. Overnight soaks seem to work best. Use the mixture to clean off surfaces contaminated with the Iron OCHRE and rinse with fresh water completely.

Tips: Some people have found that it is helpful to plug the lateral drain lines with a rag or sponge where those lines enter the sump pit. Carefully fill the lines with BoreSaver Ultra C solution mixed with water into the lines filling those lines partially full. Allow some room in the pipes for the water that is draining into them. This allows the mixture to contact more surface area and get most of the Iron OCHRE into contact with the solution. Pull the plugs after several hours or overnight and flush with plenty of water.


BoreSaver Ultra C ships as a hazardous material. For this reason we only ship to the Continental United States known as the lower 48 states. We ship by ground transportation only and cannot ship by air. We can ship large orders by LTL freight or small orders by UPS Ground under Consumer Commodity rules. Please contact with any questions related to delivery. We are a stocking distributor so most orders will ship out the same day as long as the order is received by 3:30 pm pacific standard time. 

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