Cartridge Filter Systems: Procedure for Cleaning and Maintenance

Posted by David Cannon on 19th Oct 2020

Cartridge Filter Systems: Procedure for Cleaning and Maintenance

The cartridge filter is tubular filtration equipment that is used for industrial and domestic water purification applications. A cartridge sheet is encased inside a tube. As the water passes through the tube and the cartridge sheet filters the pollutants, chemicals, and solid contaminants from the water. The most common use of cartridge filter cleaning systems is domestic water pools. Since for such applications, a cartridge filter system actively works 24x7, it gets clogged after specific cycles of filtration. Generally, the overall life-cycle of a cartridge filter system is 4 to 7 years, however, it might damage sooner if not cleaned and maintained periodically. Thus, to use a cartridge filter, one must know the appropriate procedure to clean and maintain the cartridge filter cleaning system. This post discusses the same.

Cleaning Procedure for a Cartridge Filter System

The purpose of cleaning a cartridge filter system is to release the trapped contaminants from the filtration media. The procedure of cleaning must be performed in the following steps.

  1. Turn off the filtration system so that the water flow is restricted.
  2. Close all the suction and return valves.
  3. Open the bleeder valve to expose the filter tank.
  4. At the bottom of the filtration tank, you will see a drain plug. Deject the drain plug and let all the trapped water flush out.
  5. Remove the top of the filter tank. Wipeout dirt, oil, lubricant from the filter seal, O-ring, and the filter tank body.
  6. Remove the cartridge sheet folds from the filter tank/tube. Wash off the cartridge folds from top to bottom using a full spray garden hose. Ensure that the spray pressure does not exceed 5-7 psi; higher pressure can damage the filtration media.
  7. Reposition the cleaned cartridge into the filter tank/tube.
  8. Reinstall the drain plug at the bottom of the filtration tank.
  9. Apply lubricant on the O-ring and then close the tank top.
  10. Open the suction and return valves and keep the bleeder valve open. This will allow the filtration media to aerate naturally. Continue until water squirts in, up to the level of the bleeder valve.
  11. Open the strainer tank and fill it with water.
  12. Turn on the cartridge filter cleaning system and then finally open the bleeder valve.

This completes the cleaning of a cartridge filter, however, to gain the benefits of a longer life-cycle of the filter, other maintenance activities are essential too.

Tips for Maintenance and Damage Prevention

The following are some maintenance tips that will help you prevent damage to the cartridge filter system.

  • To avoid damage, ensure that operational pressure does not exceed the allowed range of pressure. High pressure often damages or rips off the cartridge sheets.
  • Avoid using hard metal bushes to clean the filtration sheets.
  • Avoid sudden turnoff of the cartridge filter cleaning system, this can create reverse jerk flow of water, swirls inside the filtration tank, etc resulting in abrupt damage of the system.

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