Industries That Benefit from Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Posted by David Cannon on 27th May 2020

Industries That Benefit from Commercial Water Filtration Systems

Clean water is essential for domestic, commercial, or industrial use. Domestic water filtration is certainly an understood factor, however, commercial applications are not much explored. There are multiple industries that utilize commercial water filtration systems for softening and filtering water. This because water in its original form is contaminated with various minerals that make it hard. These minerals would change its taste, chemistry, and even color. The hard water cannot be easily used, as it may form scales on equipment or sometimes even corrode them. Sometimes, industries may use water as a key ingredient in various processes, or sometimes it may use it as a cleaning agent. Due to all these reasons, industries tend to invest in quality commercial water filtration systems. This post lists out the industries that regularly utilize commercial water filtration equipment.

A Few Important Industrial Segments that Use Commercial Water Filtration Systems

There are several reasons as to why industries use water filtration systems. These reasons may range from filtration for use in processes to reduce water hardness to treating them in adherence to established laws before releasing them into the environment. The following are a few industries that regularly benefit from water filtration. 

Food and Beverage Industry:

It is needless to say that an industry that produces consumable goods utilizes commercial water filtration systems. There is no way food and beverage industries can get away with production without pure water. Therefore, this is one of the major beneficiary industries of commercial water filtration. Let’s discuss the benefits offered by commercial water filtration systems to the food and beverage industries.


  • Commercial water filtration systems help users to get rid of chemical contamination in the water, so that water is safe to produce consumable products.
  • It disinfects water from bio-organisms like bacteria, parasites, and viruses.
  • It helps in getting rid of pre-contaminated sediments and odor from water, which may otherwise alter the taste or the nature of food products and beverages produced from them.
  • These water filtration systems also help prevent malfunctions of devices due to scaling or buildup on expensive kitchen equipment.

Healthcare Industries:

The Healthcare industry is one of the beneficiaries of commercial water filtration. Impure water holds potential hazards to the human body if consumed or applied on open wounds. Therefore, health care industries reap the following benefits from commercial water filtration systems.


  • Commercial water filtration systems help in achieving water safety standards stated by WHO.
  • It produces water that can be used for sterilization of medical equipment to avoid infection.
  • It gives filtered water as an option to distilled water for dental surgeries.
  • These systems help produce high purity sterile water to be used in dialysis.

Pharmaceutical Industries: Pharmaceutical industries utilize highly purified water for production. So, they are highly benefited by commercial water filtration systems. This industry requires high water quality standards therefore water filtration offers the following benefits to the industry.


  • Reverse osmosis water filtration systems help remove contaminants from water, thereby making it suited for production.
  • It offers water softening technology, therefore undesired chemical reactions with hard water are prevented.

Agricultural Industries:

Agricultural industries require filtered and softened water for irrigation. Therefore, the utilization of commercial water filtration systems in agriculture is common. The benefits of water filtration in agriculture are as follows.


  • The major use of water in the agricultural industry is for irrigation. Softened and filtered water is supplied to plants. Prior to irrigation, water is treated in commercial water filtration systems.
  • Agricultural equipment often comes in contact with water. Hard water can corrode equipment easily, therefore, soft water is used to clean agricultural equipment. For water softening treatment, commercial water softeners are used.

Mechanical Industries and Boiler Technologies:

In mechanical industrial applications like boilers and coolers filtered water is used. For such purposes, commercial water filtration systems are used. The benefits of these systems in mechanical and boiler technologies are as follows.


  • The mechanical equipment used in boiler technologies makes use of water. In such cases, hard water reduces the life expectancy of the equipment. Commercial water filtration systems when used with softeners help soften water to prevent corrosion. It also helps
  • The boilers are prone to scaling caused by contaminated water. Therefore, before feeding the water it is important to remove chemical contamination from it. In this case, industrial water filtration is beneficial.

Wastewater Treatment:

Wastewater treatment procedure certainly involves filtration along with other water purification techniques. In the US, state and federal laws require users to treat wastewater before releasing them to water bodies. This is usually done to curb the water pollution caused by the byproducts of processes. Wastewater treatment is an important requirement in various industries. They use a commercial water filtration system for the following reasons.


  • Commercial water filtration removes inorganic waste like bottles, cans, garbage, etc from the water.
  • It helps in deodorize the water in the pre-purification stage itself.
  • It helps in the primary decontamination of water.

The industries that are benefited by commercial water filtration are discussed. Now, if you are associated with any of the above, you must source these filtration systems from a trusted supplier. Cannon Water Technology, Inc. is a recognized supplier of water purification and filtration systems. The quality products can certainly enhance the efficiency of your applications. The company commercial water filtration systems sourced from industry-leading brands.