Know the Warning Signs of Your Water Well Being in Trouble

Posted by David Cannon on 28th Jul 2020

Know the Warning Signs of Your Water Well Being in Trouble

Modern wells in residential complexes and bungalows have a pumping system in place, which is connected to the pipes joined to the taps inside homes. The pumping system helps pull the water from the well and transfers at a certain pressure to the taps through the connecting pipes to maintain uninterrupted supply of water. Usually, this pump works on a simple pressure switch on/off mechanism. In some cases, a pressure sensor is there which helps maintain water supply at a constant pressure. So, the water pumping speed largely depends upon the pressure sensor. Sometimes, there can be issues with these pumping systems as well the water quality due to various reasons. This post discusses some warning signs you should notice if your water well has any issues.

How to Determine if Your Water Well Has Any Issues?

There are some obvious physical and visual signs you may notice in your well water at times. It is important to keep a check on these signs and take appropriate action such as consulting your service provider and a nearby water testing lab team. There could be issues with water quality such as bacterial contamination or it could be a pump issue. Here are some signs of water well issues:

  • Algal, fecal, or bacterial contamination resulting in a hampered water quality is one of the main reasons. Here, the water visibly appears turbid, discolored, or murky.
  • At times, the water may appear normal in terms of color and viscosity. However, it may taste different. In this case, the hardness of the water may have increased due to the mixing of heavy metals such as iron in excess quantities.
  • At times, there could be sand or sediments present in your water. This issue happens due to leakage of surface water into your well. In this case, you need to consult a professional well driller or contractor.
  • When you open the tap, do you notice air bubbles spluttering out? If yes, there may be dissolved gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and so on in your well water. These may be harmful and it is best to call degassing experts to resolve this issue.
  • There are some problems associated specifically with the pumping system or other construction issues. One such issue is air getting pumped from the well, along with water. If you see air bubbles along with water coming out of the tap, this happens if the water level drops below the pump level. This may happen if the drop pipe, usually made of PVC, is broken, cracked, or corroded enough to absorb air in it. In this case, it is essential to consult a pumps & parts service provider.
  • Apart from bacterial contamination, there are other reasons for low water pressure. These may include pump failure, issues with the valve, or clogged pipes. All of these hamper the functionality of the pressure switch resulting in incorrect readings.
  • Has your energy bill surged unexpectedly? This could be due to an issue with your pump being worn out due to overuse, clogging, pumping of metals or other particulate matter along with water, and so on. The fact is that the pump has to put in more effort than required to draw water, and here the energy consumption increases which reflects in your bill.

If you have an old well, you may need a high-quality pumping system to replace your existing one. However, selecting the right kind of pump with connectors to your existing pipes is a crucial task. So, it is essential to source these pumps from reliable manufacturers and suppliers who also cater to post-sales servicing and repairs if required. Cannon Water Technology is one of the well-known distributors of chemical pumps, pH meters, and various test and filtration equipment.