Mechanical Turbine Meters

Accurate liquid and gas flow measurements are a must-have in many process and water treatment industries due to their impact on desired outcomes. This is where turbine flow meters can help. These meters feature a free-rotating turbine that spins on its axis when gas or liquid flows through it. These meters are preferred over other flow measurement devices because they can measure high flow rates with minimal pressure loss. At Cannon Water Technology, we provide turbine flow meters from SeaMetrics. Our selection also features mechanical turbine meter parts. We assure fast turnaround on all mechanical turbine meters and accessories listed on this page. 

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How Do Mechanical Turbine Meters Work?

Mechanical turbine meters use fluid energy to rotate the turbine in the flow stream. The rotor has blades that transform the fluid energy into rotational energy. The shaft of the rotor spins on its bearings. This spinning speed entirely depends on the flow. For instance, the rotor will spin faster for high fluid velocities and vice versa.

The rotational movement of the rotor shaft is detected by monitoring the blade movement. This blade movement is monitored using the magnetic detection technique. Each blade features an embedded piece of metal, which generates a pulse when the fluid passes through it. These pulses are sensed by sensors, positioned external to the fluid flow stream. The flow rate of the fluid is calculated by interpreting these pulses; this task is usually performed using transmitters. The transmitters measure the flow of the liquid or gas in reverse and forward directions.

Features of SeaMetrics Mechanical Turbine Meters and Parts Offered by Cannon Water Technology

SeaMetrics Mechanical turbine meters we offer have been popular in water treatment and process industries for several years. The following features of these mechanical turbine meters make them popular with our clients.

Mechanical Turbine Meters

  • WJ-Series In-line Turbine Meters are compact-sized and offered with standard ANSI flanges.
  • Made of cast-iron, these turbine meters feature rugged construction, which makes them ideal for applications with moderate to high flow rates.
  • The mechanical register used in turbine meters need no electrical power, which makes them easy to use.
  • WT Series Turbine Flow Meters feature stainless steel body, making them ideal for corrosive environments or challenging work environments.
  • These flow meters feature turbine motors, which are the only moving part.
  • They feature an electronic register that can be remote or meter mounted.

Mechanical Turbine Meter Parts

  •  Our selection features shaft assembly kits, rotor repair kits, rotor and bearings assembly and replacement modules for WJ and WT Series mechanical turbine meters.
  • These meter parts can be purchased with the new product or retrofit them to your existing SeaMetrics turbine meters.

Tips to Choose Mechanical Turbine Meters for Your Application

Although designed for accurate and reliable measurement, it is important to consider a few factors to achieve the desired results. The following points will guide you with the selection.

  • Flow Rate Range: Mechanical turbine flow meters are designed for a specific flow range. So, you must address the maximum and minimum flow rates your application may endure. Ensure that the meter you choose can perform well for these flow rates.
  • Fluid Compatibility: Made from typical materials, most mechanical turbine flow meters have fluid limitations. Hence, you need to be aware of the fluid chemistry as well as its mechanical properties like temperature, viscosity, pressure, and compatibility with your flow meter.
  • Meter Size: Mechanical turbine flow meters are available in various meter sizes. However, not all may be appropriate for your desired flow capacities or the pipe size of your application. If you unsure about the right meter size, you can contact our team to learn more. Always ensure that the meter size is compatible with the pipe size and ensures proper installation.
  • Installation Requirements: WJ Series In-line mechanical turbine flow meters are designed for constrained spaces. It is still recommended to check the available space, desired orientation – vertical or horizontal, and necessary downstream or upstream piping accessories required for the installation.
  • Accuracy Requirements: Most turbine water meters offer accurate results within a specific percentage range. So, before considering this range, you need to identify the level of accuracy needed. Some processes may not need high accuracy, whereas others may require high accuracy. So, ensure the chosen meter meets your accuracy requirements the best.
  • Operating Conditions: As known, turbine flowmeters will be used in water treatment or process facilities, which may impose challenging work conditions brought by factors like ambient temperatures, the presence of corrosive substances, high pressure, and so on. So, ensure, the meter chosen is made of material that can withstand the operating environments.

At Cannon Water Technology, we are committed to delivering quality water treatment products from trusted brands. Our inventory is carefully curated to include only the best products, because we understand how effective water treatment can change people’s lives. Be it turbine water meters from Seametrics or other flow measurement devices from competitor brands, all are carefully chosen based on the real recommendations from experts and real users. In this category, we have also tried to include the most popular accessories or parts of the mechanical turbine meters to ease your buying process. For any concerns or queries regarding SeaMetrics mechanical turbine meters or other water treatment products, please contact us as soon as possible. Our experts will happily answer your queries and guide you with the right product selection.