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BW629 All-In-One Steam Boiler Treatment

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There are several types of industrial, manufacturing, and commercial processes that make use of steam boilers. For a boiler to deliver an optimum performance, it is necessary to ensure that it is taken care of properly, and maintained correctly. And for this, it is required to maintain proper conditions of boiler water chemistry. When selecting the boiler water treatment chemicals several factors are taken into consideration with respect to system design and it’s application. Cannon Water Technology, Inc. is one of the leading providers of high-quality treatment chemicals and is more than capable of making recommendations, one boiler treatment chemical to consider is known by its SKU – BW629.

Physical Properties of the BW629 Steam Boiler Treatment Chemical
The BW629 steam boiler treatment chemical is provided in the following specifications:




Light Amber


45 lbs


Amine, Ammonia





Specific Gravity


Freeze Point

Approximately 32 °F

Freeze/Thaw Recovery


Ship Class

Corrosive Liquid, N.O.S. UN 1760


Sodium Hydroxide/Cyclohexylamine/Morpholine



Product Features of the BW629 Steam Boiler Treatment Chemical
The following are distinguishable features of the steam boiler treatment chemical, which makes them preferable over contemporary products:

  • This chemical is concentrated and even a small amount is capable of treating large volume of water. For treating 1000 gallons of feed water, only 14-21 ounces of chemical is required.
  • This boiler treatment chemical consists of polymeric organic dispersants, sulfite oxygen scavengers, and alkalinity boosters.
  • The chemical helps remove the rust deposits with the dedicated iron oxide dispersants contained in it.
  • The BW629 treatment chemical contains a steam line treatment. Thus, the low acidic pH contained in the condensate return lines is neutralized.
  • This chemical is suitable for use with steam boilers having hard water makeup. It is recommended to soften the makeup water in order to get best results.
  • The materials or ingredients contained in the BW629 comply with the FDA / USDA standards and guidelines. This makes them suitable for boiler treatment, which involves steam coming in contact with edible food products.
  • The BW629 chemical is suitable for use in specific conditions. The boilers that operate between low pressures to medium pressure (≤ 300 psi) can use this chemical.

Why Use BW629 Boiler Treatment Chemical?
The following benefits of the BW629 steam boiler treatment chemical are the reasons why it is preferred over others:

  • Existing mineral deposits are removed by this chemical.
  • Treating the boiler with this chemical leads to increased boiler efficiency and improves the steam purity.
  • Over the years, the boiler internals, along with the steam condensing piping, and deaerator are affected by oxygen pitting corrosion. Using BW629 can prevent this corrosion from occurring.
  • This chemical disperses the suspended solids and sludge. This helps enhance the removal of suspended solids with the help of a regular blowdown schedule.
  • The heat transfer efficiency of a steam boiler can be jeopardized by the deposition of mineral scale. This deposition is prevented by the BW629 chemical.

Application Rate and Control Parameters of BW629 Boiler Treatment Chemical
Recommendations for using the BW629 steam boiler treatment chemical:

  • Always feed the BW629 chemical into a feed water line or feed water storage tank with a chemical metering pump. In order to feed the chemical in proportion to the load, you can consider interlocking the chemical metering pump with the boiler feed water pump or water meter with pulsed output.
  • For testing the BW629 chemical it is recommended to use the Sulfite test kit P.N. #CNTK3502-Z. It is highly recommended to maintain a control range between 30 and 60 ppm as Sulfite.
  • Always remember to log the test results for future reference.

Protective Equipment to Wear While Using BW629 Boiler Treatment Chemical
While you carry out the boiler treatment using the BW629 chemical, it is necessary to be well-equipped with the following protective equipment for your safety:

  • Splash Goggles
  • Protective Apron
  • Gloves
  • Dust & Vapor Respirator

For more information related to the health, and safety of this product, please refer to the BW629 SDS. Please note that the recommendations and information given in this bulletin is based on the information that is believed to be true. Nonetheless, Cannon Water Technology, Inc. does not have any control over the use of the product and no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made as to the effects of such the results to be obtained if not used in accordance with directions or established safe practice. The buyer must assume all responsibility, including injury or damage, resulting from misuse of the product as such, or in combination with other material.

Know more about the products through PDF :-

BW-629 All-In-One Steam Boiler Treatment Product Bulletin

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