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Stable H - All In One, Non-Acidic pH and Corrosion Controlling Cooling Tower Treatment

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Stable H Cooling Tower Treatment

Safe, Non-Hazardous pH, Scale, and Corrosion Control

Product Description

  • Hybrid cooling tower treatment that combines safe hydrogen based pH control with scale and corrosion inhibiting polymers for a complete All-In-One cooling tower treatment.
  • Contains a unique hydrogen donating additive that lowers pH without corrosive acids. STABLE H will help keep the cooling system cleaner and will aid in removing old scale that may have developed in the cooling tower.
  • Can be tested in less than 30-seconds with a simple test kit or pH meter.
  • Contains a powerful blend of organic phosphonates with polymeric dispersants/crystal modifying compounds for control of scale in cooling systems with extreme hard and alkaline water without the use of acid.
  • Utilizes a robust and resilient filming corrosion inhibitor that helps reduce iron and mild steel corrosion.
  • Has added copper/brass corrosion inhibitors that are resistant to oxidizing chemicals such as chlorine and bromine.
  • STABLE H is DOT non-hazardous and can be shipped via UPS in 5 gallon containers.

 STABLE H Application Rate and Control Parameters

  • Feed STABLE H at a rate of two pints per 1000 gallons of makeup water.
  • STABLE H  is intended for use in re-circulating cooling systems and cooling towers to control pH, scale and corrosion.      
  • Use O.P. Test Kit P.N.#997STR-3 to test STABLE H. The recommended test range is 12 - 18 total drops. If the test results are high or low see Cannon Water Technology Inc.s What To Do If Test Results Are Out Of Range.
  • STABLE H contains no heavy metals or restricted ingredients and water treated with STABLE H can be discharged to sanitary sewer. Avoid discharging any cooling tower water to storm drains or open bodies of water.
  • Oxidizing biocides such as chlorine and bromine can be used in systems treated with STABLE H without fear of degrading the scale control polymers.
  • STABLE H is compatible with all non-oxidizing biocides with the exception of cationic quaternary ammonium compounds

 Physical Properties: STABLE H




Light Amber


Slight Aromatic





Specific Gravity:


Freeze Point:

Approximately 32° F

Freeze/Thaw Recovery:


Ship Class:

Non-Regulated Materials







 HMIS Code




Refer to the SDS for further health, safety and environmental information regarding this product. Information and recommendations in this bulletin are based on information believed to be reliable. However, the use of the product is beyond the control of Cannon Water Technology Inc. and no guarantee, expressed or implied, is made as to the effects of such the results to be obtained if not used in accordance with directions or established safe practice. The buyer must assume all responsibility, including injury or damage, resulting from misuse of the product as such, or in combination with other material.

Can lower the pH in cooling tower water without the use of dangerous acid. Safer to use. Also contains corrosion and scale control chemicals. Eliminates the need to use 2 pumps.


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