Stenner Pump and Tank Systems

The Stenner pump and tank system consists of an HDPE plastic tank that has a mounting system to hold the pump in the optimal vertical position. This design makes installation very easy as both the pump and tank become one integral system. All pumps are pre-installed on the tank and come ready to use with minimal setup. Stenner Tank Systems come in three sizes and two colors. 7.5 gallon, 15 gallon and 30 gallon capacity in either translucent white color or UV resistant grey color. The Stenner Tank is NSF/ANSI 61 compliant.

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Common Beneficial Features of Stenner Pump Tanks

Stenner pumps and tanks are reliable and have a well-engineered design. Here are some of the common beneficial features of Stenner pumps and Stenner chemical storage tanks provided by us:

  • They are made of polyethylene and have a rugged design suited for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • They are approved to NSF/ANSI 61 standards.
  • They come with screws made of stainless steel and Viton Grommets for mounting the pump for certain models.
  • The tanks have a child-resistant lid, which has a huge opening with a locking lid tab.
  • The tanks also have incremental solution level indicators.
  • They are chemical and abrasion-resistant, and hence suited for chemical and acid applications.
  • They have a 3-point roller design that helps in anti-siphon protection.
  • The pumps are easy on maintenance and the pump heads require no valves.
  • In most models, the pump is vertically mounted over the tank’s containment basin.
  • Some models come with a rain roof that protects the motor from any environmental damage.
  • Most of these models can run dry and have the ability to pump off-gassing solutions.
  • The pump tubes are easy to replace and can suit several models of Stenner pumps. This applies to pump heads as well.
  • The tank size may vary from 7 to 30 gallons.
  • At Cannon Water, you can choose the color, suction discharge tubing, and voltage preferences based on your requirement, from the drop down box.
  • Stenner tanks use peristaltic pumps. In this, pumps such as the ones with fixed or adjustable single head can be used. 
  • You have the option of buying the tanks separately.
  • Some Stenner pump tank systems are designed to maintain the pH levels in an auto mode.

Applications of Stenner Pump and Tank Systems

Here are some application areas of Stenner pumps and tanks:

  • Pumping of water from tanks and reservoirs to residential and commercial high-rise buildings or the ones in hilly areas
  • Chemical plants
  • Cooling towers
  • Swimming pool
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Irrigation systems
  • Car washing systems
  • Metal finishing
  • Food and beverages

Cannon Water Technology is reliable and focuses on quality of pump and tank systems in terms of their functioning and long operational life. If you require Stenner pump tank systems, you can totally rely on us. In case you need any further details about Stenner tank systems or pumps, you can reach on phone or email.