Stenner Pumps

Stenner Pumps

Since 1957, the Stenner Pump Company has been offering peristaltic metering pumps, which have set the industry standard for metering. The pumping action in these pumps is initiated by moving rollers against a tube, which is flexible. As a leading distributor of filtration equipment, chemical pumps, and water treatment chemicals, Cannon Water Technology, Inc. offers a broad selection of Stenner chemical pumps. These compact and robust pumps are designed for disinfection, oxidation, pH control, and injection of additives in metering or water treatment applications. Featuring simple designs, these pumps deliver reliable performance in all conditions.

Types of Stenner Pumps Provided by Cannon Water Technology

As one of the popular Stenner Pump distributors in the US, we have had the privilege of catering to clients with complex requirements through the following pumps:

  • Stenner 45/85 Series: These pumps are part of Stenner’s Classic Series and are suited for water treatment applications. Stenner 45 and 85 are single head pumps available in fixed and adjustable configurations.
  • Stenner 100/170 Series: These are double head-fixed chemical injection pumps designed for use in water and wastewater treatment plants. Stenner 100/170 series pumps are capable of injecting two liquids at the same ratio. The only requirement is the liquids must be compatible.
  • Stenner S Series: The pumps in the S series are designed for quick interfacing with several process control systems. Stenner S series smart peristaltic pumps can be programmed based on the pump condition such as tube leak, standby, tube change, high or low signal, and so on.
  • Stenner SVP Series: These are the variable speed pumps, which accept 4–20 mA signals to pace up their operations. Stenner SVP series pumps feature polycarbonate housing, and are equipped with an LED display and a heavy-duty gear motor, which enables easy operation. These pumps are ideal for industrial uses, and are widely used in wastewater treatment and municipal treatment plants.
  • Stenner M128 Series: These pumps require no water bypass, which means there is no pressure loss or water restriction. Stenner M128 series require no backpressure filters upstream and valves to pull debris, sand, and grit.
  • Stenner Econ Series: The pumps in this series feature the patented quick-release pump head design. Stenner Econ FP pumps and Stenner Econ T pumps are two popular models in this series. They are an economical alternative for metering in light-duty applications.

Common Beneficial Features of Stenner Chemical Pumps

Stenner pumps have gained immense popularity over the years, owing to their user-friendly designs. Below-mentioned is a few beneficial features of these industry-leading peristaltic metering pumps:

  • Fluids being pumped never come in contact with any part of the tube or the moving parts of the pump, rather they run through a pump tube.
  • These automatic pumps need no check valves in the pump head, which helps simplify the maintenance procedures.
  • Many models are equipped with QuickPro® pump head, which enables quick and easy tube replacement, without tools.
  • These self-priming pumps can withstand high working pressures, and require no foot valve to do so.
  • Unlike other pumps, these peristaltic self-priming pumps are not vapor-locked, neither do they have to lose their prime. They can prime up to 25 feet.
  • The compact-sized Econ pumps are designed for light-duty applications and enable quick tube replacements whenever needed.
  • The tubes of the pumps are designed as a single piece and have a strong construction.
  • Stenner pumps can run dry, and their output volume is not affected by backpressure.
  • Outputs of these pumps are interchangeable with the tube change.

A chlorine injection pump comes in various designs and price ranges to meet your requirements. The Stenner chlorine pump is reliable, accurate and able to work at low or high flow rates. It can be used to dose nutrients or supplements into the drinking water or disinfect water lines by injecting acids, chlorine or chlorine dioxide. At Cannon Water, you’ll find the Stenner chlorine injection pump parts you need to get your Stenner pump back up and running.

Applications of Stenner Chemical Injection Pumps

Over the years, we have delivered Stenner pumps for water treatment and metering application in various industries. Stenner pumps find applications in the following markets:

  • Water Conditioning
  • Animal Health
  • Commercial Pool and Aquatic Facilities
  • Industrial Processes
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Cooling Water Treatment Facilities
  • Car Wash
  • Irrigation and Horticulture
  • Metal Finishing
  • Food and Beverage Processing

At Cannon Water Technology, we value customer satisfaction the most. We understand that a customer is satisfied when we offer them an advantage of quality and world-class customer service at competitive prices. To meet this requirement, we only stock branded products and our experts work with the clients to help them make a wise decision regarding their water treatment equipment and accessories. If you are confused about choosing the right Stenner pump for your industrial application from our selection, our experts are here to help you. You can get in touch with them through email or phone.