Myron L

Myron L CS51R Conductivity 100 psi @ 100°C (for 0-10 through 0-20,000 µS/ppm ranges) with 1000Ω RTD

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Weight: 1.00 LBS

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Wetted materials of construction are 316 stainless steel and Teflon®*, with double O-ring seals at all points. The first EPR O-ring bears the brunt of process interface, allowing the second O-ring to maintain reliable sealing, free from chemical attack. An integral temperature element allows automatic compensation for maximum accuracy. Leads are 10 ft./3 meters standard.


Process connections are made via a bored through swage 3/4" NPT fitting as standard. This fitting may be installed into a line or tank, or may be reversed and connected to a standpipe for use in a submersion configuration. The CS10 was designed primarily for use in pure water applications.


  • Small size enables convenient installation and service.
  • Dual O-ring seals used on all versions for high on-stream reliability.
  • Plastic gland fitting allows removal and replacement without tools.

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