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Douglas HTF Inhibited Propylene Glycol

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Douglas HTF Inhibited Propylene Glycol in 1 Gallon Containers
Recommended for:
Block Ice Machines
Circulating Beer Systems
Closed Water Loop Refrigeration System
Wood Boiler System
Closed Loop Solar System
Closed Loop Radiant Heating System

Freezing point of 1:1 dilution, maximum is -28 degrees F
pH of 1:1 dilution is 9.0-10.0
Reserve alkalinity, minimum is 9.8
Specific gravity at 60/60 degrees F. Is 1.0500—1.0600

Douglas H.T.F. is inhibited with Dipotassium phosphate which provides corrosion protection for mild steel, copper and aluminum. Douglas H.T.F. should not be used on steel.

Douglas H.T.F. provides freeze and corrosion protection for single and double wall systems.

Physical Properties (100%):
8.77 pounds per gallon
Flash point (coc) is 214 degrees F
Fire point (coc) is 220 degrees F
Plastic Gallons, (4x1) and (6x1) cases
5 Gallon Metal Pails (Call For Quote)
Plastic 55 Gallon Drums (Call For Quote)
P/N DHTF-1G = 1 Gallon Bottle
P/N DHTF-4G = 4x1 Gallon Bottles
P/N DHTF-6G = 6x1 Gallon Bottles
Douglas HTF is an inhibited propylene glycol used in closed loops, boilers and chillers for freeze protection. Increases heat transfer and protects system from corrosion.

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