ORP Electrodes

Oxygen reduction potential (ORP) testing is integral to water quality testing. It helps users understand the contamination or sanitization properties of water. This testing is performed using ORP electrodes of the ORP meter. The water is considered safe to consume or recycle if the ORP reading is high. To improve its sanitizing properties, the water is treated with different types of sanitizing agents like chlorine, bromine, UV rays, copper electrodes, etc. ORP levels are regularly monitored to analyze the effectiveness of sanitizing agent used. These level values are considered by experts when devising a water treatment plan.

At Cannon Water Technology, we provide ORP sensors from industry-leading brands. These ORP sensors have been an integral part of water treatment plans for several years. If you are looking to buy ORP electrodes online, then look no further! Scroll down to see some of the best ORP instruments listed here.

An Overview of Working of ORP Electrodes

Oxidation reduction potential is the ability of water to accept or release electrons during any chemical reaction. An ORP meter used for testing oxidation reduction potential of water comprises two electrodes - a reference electrode attached to the pole and an inert electrode connected to the probe. The ORP meters are also known as redox probes.

If water doesn’t have enough electrons, it will try to acquire it through oxidation. For instance, if chlorine or any sanitizing agent is added to water, then it will try to acquire electrons through this agent, which serves as an oxidizing agent. The oxidizing agents will generally show positive ORP readings.

When water has electrons with surplus ions that it can afford to lose without destabilizing itself, this is known as reduction. If the water shows negative ORP values then it shows its reduction potential and indicates contaminated water. Positive ORP readings are preferred in drinking or potable water treatment units, while operators in wastewater treatment units usually concentrate on negative ORP readings. The negative ORP readings also help water treatment plant operators to address problems such as sedimentation, the long storage time for water before treatment, changed pipe slopes, low water flows, and so on. In many situations, these problems may lead to odors, which affect the water quality. Thus, negative ORP readings often help water plant operators identify the source of odor, address small underlying issues, and mitigate odor issues using effective chemical oxidizers or odor control agents.

The ORP sensor usually senses the ORP reading in millivolts. Many times, the ORP sensors are compared to pH sensors, but both differ in many ways. The ORP sensor requires no calibration like pH sensor and doesn’t take temperature compensation into consideration.

Features of ORP Electrodes Offered by Cannon Water

Portable ORP instruments offered by Cannon Water have been widely used for water quality testing for several years now. We believe the following properties of these ORP instruments have worked in their favor.

  • ORP sensors are designed for ORP measurements in challenging water environments.
  • They are used for water and wastewater treatment where water may comprise heavy metals, contaminants, and proteins.
  • The sensors are included in durable bodies, which helps retain their performance in challenging environments.
  • They are proven to offer accurate and reliable REDOX or ORP measurements.
  • These ORP electrodes are covered under the manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Applications of ORP Electrodes

Our ORP sensors have set high standards for water quality testing in various water treatment facilities. They are used in the following applications:

  • Dechlorination and prechlorination in wastewater or water treatment facilities
  • Chlorination in commercial spas and swimming pool
  • Ozone water treatment
  • Drinking water distribution units in cities
  • Sanitized and oxidized water storage units

At Cannon Water, we have been committed to delivering effective and quality water treatment solutions since its inception. We have made this possible by partnering with some of the best brands in the country and building some of the water treatment products by ourselves. In addition to these, we also help our clients choose the right solution based on their needs. Feel free to contact our experts if you have any queries or doubts on ORP instruments and other water treatment solutions. Our experts will answer your questions and help you with the right solution.