FSK100 Stenner Feed Rate Control Service Kit

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Stenner FSK100 Feed Rate Control Service Kit

This kit contains the required parts that wear out in the feed rate control assembly. The index plate, variable cam and lifter will start to wear out over time and wear faster when the adjustable rate pumps are turned down to a lower setting. When the feed rate control is set to a lower number on the dial the pump will engage and disengage the lifter pin with the index plate. Each time the pump pulls the pin it will ride along the variable cam until it falls off the end dropping into one of the holes on the index plate. When the index pin finds a hole in the index plate the rollers will begin turning until the pin is pulled again. This process causes the index plate to wear out before the other parts. A classic symptom of index plate wear is when them pump seems to be slipping or has a ratcheting sound. Flip the plate over and extend the operational life of the index plate by double. 


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