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Conductivity is the capability of water to pass electricity. This capability is entirely a function of ions dissolved in the water. Today, various types of TDS (Total Dissolved Solid) testers are used for this purpose. Hantron Digital HT-3P Conductivity and TDS Tester is one of the popular types of TDS testers used for measuring the total dissolved solids in water-based solutions. These easy-to-use and reliable hand held type meters measures in both conductivity expressed in mMhos or in TDS expressed in PPM. Select the best option to meet your specific testing needs. They are water and shock resistant, and are ruggedly designed to offer several years of reliable service. At Cannon Water Technology, Inc, we offer this highly stable and accurate test instrument that floats and fits in your pocket. The product SKU is HT-3P.

Technical Specifications of Hantron Conductivity/TDS Tester
Ideal for quick field checks of any water system sample, Hantron Digital HT-3P Conductivity TDS Tester easily fits into your pocket or field engineers test kit. The model is offered in the following specifications.

  • Power
    • Batteries: Two replaceable AAA alkaline
    • Battery Life: 10,000 readings
  • Environment
    • Operating Temp: 32 to 132 degree F (0-55 degree C)
    •  Storage Temp: 32 to 132 degree F (0-55 degree C)
    •  Protection Rating: IP67 housing Wateproof to 3 feet / 1 meter
  • Operational
    • Display: 5 digit custom LCD
    • Scale: 0-20,000 conductivity
    • Cell Capacity: 0.1 oz. (3.2 ml)
    • Temp Comp: 32-160 degree F (0-71 degree C)
    •  with adjustable compensation
    • Accuracy: +/- 1% of reading
    • Memory: 20 readings
  • Dimensions
    • 5.3 x 3.3 x 1.6 in (136 x 84 x 39 mm)
  • Shipping Weight
    • 5.7 oz Tester only
    • 1 lb shipping weight

Beneficial Features of Hantron Conductivity/TDS Tester
The model HT-3P water conductivity tester is largely sough-after owing to its extremely ease-of-use. Simply turn on the TDS meter, immerse the device into the water based solution, stir gently, and wait for the reading, you are done. It is as simple as that. What else contributes to the wide acceptance of this Conductivity TDS Tester? Here are them listed.

  • The instrument’s accuracy is calculated as ±1% of reading (50-20,000µS) ±1% of scale.
  • The conductivity/TDS tester features a rugged integral probe, four-electrode cell technology, and 5 digit LCD displays full 20000 µS or PPM.
  • It has full auto ranging conductivity measurements from 0 to 20,000 uS/cm.
  • Hantron TDS tester is waterproof to 3 feet/1 meter, and comes equipped with low battery indicator and automatic power-off for maximum battery efficiency   
  •  It can save memory up to 20 readings.
  • The instrument has a state-of-the-art electronics utilizing the latest in surface mount technology
  • The model is calibrated, and protected from low battery loss (nonvolatile memory).

Applications of Hantron Conductivity/TDS Tester
It’s small, lightweight and compact design allow for convenient storage and portability, making the tester a good addition at home or industries. Digital conductivity meter and TDS tester is used to test water in the following applications and many more:

  • Cooling Tower Testing
  • Boiler Water Testing
  • Conductivity in water testing
  • Test TDS in water
  • Total Dissolved Solids Tester
  • Swimming Pool TDS Meter
  • Drinking Water Test Meter
  • Reverse Osmosis Water Tester
  • Potable Water Test Instrument
  • Water Quality Testing Device

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