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Inca Liquid Gold II F-204 Concentrated Toilet Deodorizer

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Inca Gold Portable Toilet Chemicals are 100% Biodegradable and Formaldehyde Free
For Toilets on the Go!

Let's face it - recirculating and retention toilets, whether on a commercial bus or personal RV, can be long on convenience but short on odor control. Inca Gold's line of portable toilet chemicals and deodorants give you premium odor control at affordable prices.

Highly concentrated formula yields up to 128 doses per gallon.
Inca Gold toilet deodorants are ideal for:
  • Bus and motor home toilet chemical
  • Retention Toilet Chemical
  • Pit Toilet Chemical
  • Vault Toilet Chemical
  • Aircraft toilet chemical
  • Railroad locomotive crew and passenger toilet chemical
  • RV Toilet chemical
  • Marine head chemical
  • Boat head chemical
  • Portable toilet chemical and deodorizer
  • Campground toilet chemical deodorizer
  • Public park restroom chemical
  • Porta potty chemicals
  • Camping toilet chemical
Trusted by the transportation industry since 1971, Inca Gold toilet chemicals and deodorants were among the first to be developed and tested for regular commercial service on buses, aircraft, boats and railroads.

Inca Gold biodegradable toilet chemicals and deodorants are completely safe for discharge into sewage treatment facilities.

Available for commercial and private use!

Inca Gold comes backed with 35 years of experience and continual product refinements - ensuring our toilet chemicals and deodorants continue to deliver unsurpassed convenience and odor control to hundreds of bus companies, railroads, commercial airlines, boat charter companies, and RV parks across the United States and Internationally. 
Sold in convenient 1-gallon bottles or 55 gallon drums. 
  • Non-formaldehyde, ready-to-use, concentrated formula
  • Biodegradable - Completely safe for discharge into sewage treatment facilities
  • Pleasant "airy" scent
  • Optional Pump Dispenser for ease-of-use 
For the best smelling toilets around trust Inca Gold.

Using Inca Gold Liquid II:


1.0 SCOPE: INCA F-204 liquid toilet deodorant has been developed to deodorize recirculating/static toilets. This particular product is the result of years of experimentation and testing in regular commercial service on buses, aircraft, boats and railroad toilets. The formula F-204 is a non-formaldehyde based preparation, which uses a special scent identified as "AIRY".

2.0 APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Drain and flush out the toilet tank, make sure you operate the flush pump several times between tank draining operations to get contaminated fluid out of the pump cavity. Once clean put into the tank 1 to 1-1/2 gallons of fresh water. Add water until the pump, when operated, does not make any sound of air entering the system and the bowl flushes easily when the pump arm is operated.

Once clean and charged with water add F-204 liquid deodorant. Put into bowl 2 ounces of chemical deodorant and operate the flush pump to circulate the liquid. Operate as many times as required until the liquid color stabilizes to a uniform blue. The temperature dramatically affects the performance of toilet deodorants. If the ambient temperature of the toilet compartment is 60 degrees F or less, you can probably get by with only 1 ounce of F-204 deodorant; if the temperature is above 80 degrees F a total of three (3) ounces of F-204 is recommended, and if above 90 degrees F, four (4) ounces of F-204 is recommended when you ?charge? the toilet.

3.0 PREPARATION: servicing toilets consists of draining and refilling the toilets with an amount of water sufficient to allow the toilet to recirculate enough liquid to effect an even flush. Periodically, a more thorough cleaning of the toilet is required. INCA recommends that at the onset of summer, each toilet be filled with water and drained two to three times where the last filling is done with about 1 quart bleach added as a special disinfectant. The final toilet fill with the bleach added should be right to the top of the bowl, so that the water containing the bleach is in contact with the entire internal surface of the toilet tank. The toilet when so filled should be allowed to rest overnight if possible so that the bleach will have enough time to really knock out any microorganisms that are living on the walls of the toilet tank. Make sure that you operate the pump at least 20 times to pump out any liquid that may have entrained in the pump cavity, to ensure that the pump is exposed to the chlorine solution. If the toilet is equipped with a heater, it must be turned off during this time. Drain and rinse a final time before adding pre-charge water.
Still have questions? Contact us anytime for more information. 

Inca Liquid Gold, Portable Toilet Deodorizer, 1 gallon bottle Concentrate Yields up to 128 doses per gallon.

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