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Knight BV/Lexis Squeeze Pump Tube T-50BV-11, 11" Cut length--low pressure only

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Knight Equipment Peracetic Acid Resistant Tubing.

This pump tube has been specifically selected to hold up better than other tubing material when exposed to peracetic acid. This PAA pump tube is used in the Knight peristaltic pump. 

Peristaltic pump for PAA and Peracetic Acid Pumping. 

11" Cut. .5" OD x .25" ID 

Use this peracetic acid pump tube for CIP "Clean In Place" applications where PAA chemicals are being used as a disinfectant. High resistance to peracetic acid injection. Great for Beer Keg Washers manufactured by Premiere Stainless Systems and others like Specific Mechanical Keg Washer pump.  Low pressure Applications only 

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