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MXH-101PF-1 MX Hospitality 1-Product Bottle fill Flex-Gap, 1 GPM

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SKU: 7850101-1
Weight: 4.00 LBS

Obsolete replaced by 7866101-F

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Knight Equipment MXH-101PF-1 MX Hospitality 1-Product Bottle fill Flex-Gap, 1 GPM


Obsolete replaced by 7866101-F


Knight understands the cost sensitive nature of the proportioning market, and the important
part that a dispenser plays in delivering the correct amount of chemical. Knight has designed an
elegantly simplistic proportioner that delivers chemical accurately and at an economical price.
This compact, durable dispenser is designed with minimal number of parts, making servicing
and operation simple.


 Example of some configurations that you can create using this dispenser. 





This system is surprisingly durable and will stand up to heavy usage. It has a clean look and simple design making it perfect for any janitorial installation, kitchen or warewash application. 


Several models to choose from: 

P/N 7850101-1 MX Hospitality 1-Product Bucket fill Flex-Gap, 1 GPM MXH-101PF-1





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