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Myron L 512M5 Conductivity Meter 0-5000 micromhos/microsiemens

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Electrical conductivity is the ability to conduct electricity, and almost all aqueous solutions are conductive in nature. The device used to measure the conductivity of a solution is called conductivity meter. The Myron L DS Conductivity Meter model 512M5 is one of the popular and reliable conductivity meters used across various industries to test the conductivity of aqueous solutions. The meter is a portable, single-range instrument, which is perfect for measuring conductivity in the range of 0-5000 micromhos (µMhos) or 0-5000 microsiemens (µS). These conductivity meters feature built-in electrodes, which help ensure the protection. Cannon Water Technologies, Inc., provides these pH meters under SKU - 512M5.

Specifications of Myron L 512M5 Conductivity Meter 0-5000 micromhos/microsiemens

We can provide Myron L 512M5 Conductivity Meter 0-5000 micromhos/microsiemens:

  • SKU: 512M5
  • Meter Type: Portable
  • Minimum Conductivity: 0 to 5000 micromhos (M)/microsiemens (S)
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Ranges: Conductivity 1, 3, 4 or 5 depending on model; pH 2-12 pH (pDS Meters only)
  • Conductivity Resolution: 0.01 or 0.1 μS; 0.001, 0.01, or 0.1 mS
  • Readout: 2½ in. taut-band shock resistant meter
  • Accuracy: Conductivity ±2% full scale, pH ±0.2 pH units
  • Repeatability: ±1%
  • Temperature: Automatic (to 25°C/77 °F) for conductivity.
  • Compensation: Samples between 10-71°C/50-160°F
  • Calibration Controls:  Conductivity  pH Zero and pH Gain
  • Electrodes (built-in) Conductivity: Never need replatinizing pH: KCL gel-filled, field replaceable
  • Cell: Built-in; self-conditioning
  • Cell Cup: Chip and crack resistant polyethylene
  • Circuitry: Very stable; require minimal recalibration
  • Power: One 9 volt battery supplied
  • Battery Life: >2000 tests/1 year
  • Dimensions: 3.4 W x 4.5 D x 4.0 H in./86 W x 114 D x 102 H mm
  • Weight: 1 lb./0.45 kg
  • Certification: Certifications provided confirm NIST traceability of the device for or Standard Solution/pH Buffer (Order #SC) or (Order #MC).

*Note: Both SC Solution Certificates and MC certificates should be mentioned at the time of placing an order.

Beneficial Features of Myron L 512M5 Conductivity Meter

The following features of this conductivity meter make them popular across various industries:

  • The conductivity meter measures conductivity from 0-5000 µS.
  • This conductivity meter features in-built electrodes that are placed in a cell-cup. These electrodes require no replantizing, and helps keep the device maintenance-free.
  • The Myron conductivity meter features an automatic temperature compensation.
  • These portable conductivity meters allow you to analyze the sample on-site.

Product Description of Myron L 512M5 Conductivity Meter

Over the years, Myron DS meters have gained acceptance in various industries due to the following reasons:

  • Reliability: Proper functioning of a sensor is an important requirement for any conductivity meter. There are several factors that may cause sensor failure. The breakage of the sensor is one of the main reasons of the sensor failure. However, this situation differs in the Myron L instruments. The conductivity and pH electrodes are placed within the cell cup, which protects them from damage during the accidental falls. The pH electrode is replaceable and features a liquid junction, which is porous, and chemical resistant.
  • Accurate Readings: No water source is pure. Be it a natural, commercial, or industrial water source – they all feature several salts, and dissolved solids. All these impurities contribute to environmental pollution, rusting, and poor taste. In short, these impurities endanger the lives of fauna and flora. The electrical conductivity is the result of dissolved solids. The Myron L 512M5 conductivity meter helps gauge the pH value of dissolved solids by providing accurate readings.
  • Proven Design: The Myron L PDs meters and Ds meters are compact, lightweight, and made from durable materials. These devices possess rugged construction, and have taut-band meter movements.

Applications of Myron L 512M5 Conductivity Meter

The Myron L conductivity meter is used in the following applications:

  • Water pollution control
  • Swimming pool and spas
  • Wastewater management
  • Printing fountain solutions
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Chemical concentrations
  • Deionization
  • Cooling towers and boilers

Additional Information

Accessories Recommended

The following accessories will help improve the performance of your Myron L 512M5 conductivity meter:

  • Range Extender: The RE-10 range extender is named so, because it helps increase the range by the factor of 10. This range extender is typically used for testing high ppm/conductivity solutions, which are beyond the range of the DS meter. It is dipped into a cell cup filled with the sample solution. This should only be used when the reading goes off the scale.
  • Standard Solutions: All DS meters are factory calibrated with the NIST traceable standard solution. The Myron L conductivity standard solutions are provided in bottles labelled with three values: ppm sodium chloride, ppm 442, and conductivity in micromhos.
  • 442: By default, the calibration used in Myron L 512M5 conductivity meter and other Myron DS meters is the 442 standard. The solutions in this standard possess salt ratios: 40% sodium bicarbonate, 40% sodium sulfate, and 20% sodium chloride. These salt ratios possess conductivity characteristics, which are similar to natural water.
  • Sodium Chloride: The conductivity of ppm sodium chloride (NaCl) solution is same as the ppm 442 standard solution. The parts per million equivalent of this NaCl solution is indicated on the solution label.
  • Conductivity: All Myron L Company Standard Solutions are within 1% of potassium chloride reference solutions.
  • Porta Pak: It is a carrying case for all Myron L portable meters. Porta Pak is foam-lined, and manufactured from molded, yet sturdy ABS plastic.

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