Neptune RV-PVC-100 Relief Valve-Standard Set Pressure 150 PSIG

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Weight: 1.00 LBS
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Relief Valves

Neptune's Relief Valves protect the piping and system from overpressure. If released, the relief valve discharge is piped to a tank in order to prevent any system or piping damage. Neptune's exclusive relief valve design utilizes a unique spring guide which assures proper spring loading and consistent relief capacity. The relief pressure setting can easily be changed by removing the top cap screw and locking set screw, inserting a proper allen wrench into the opening and adjusting the sprint to the desired pressure. Additionally, Neptune's relief valves use a self-cleaning ball check and seat.

Features and Benefits

  • All wetted parts are 316SS or C-20
  • Pressures from 30 to 2,000 psi (2.1 to 137.9 bar)
  • Spring guide for consistent relief capacity
  • Easily adjustable relief setting
  • Liquid service only

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