Plastic Vent Caps 1/2" up to 4" Sizes

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Gizmo plastic vent caps fit the top of the tank well and offer the right amount of ventilation while also preventing the tank contents from rainwater, leaves, seeds, insects, and other environmental parameters. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer Gizmo water tank vent caps from 1/2" up to 4" sizes. These vent caps offer means to secure a tank or an enclosure while protecting the screen inside.

Features of Gizmo Plastic Vent Caps

Here are some important features of Gizmo water tank vent caps.

  • Since, they are entirely made of plastic, the issues related to corrosion, rust, and so on are eliminated.
  • They have well-designed air vents made of standard polypropylene mesh size, which is 17x17 strands per inch for a size of 2" or less. They are also available in the dimensions of 10x10 strands per inch for 3-6" sizes, and perforated PVC sheet for 8" size.
  • The mesh size of 17 x 17 mesh complies with FDA regulations for potable water storage.
  • We offer these vent caps for pipe sizes ranging from one to six inches.
  • These Gizmo plastic vent caps are available in any standard NPT fitting sizes of 1/2" and larger along with male thread, female thread, or slip fitting.
  • Gizmo plastic vent caps help manage pressure build-up or partial vacuum conditions that may damage the containers or tanks.
  • These mushroom style plastic vent caps prevent the screen from clogging due to dirt. They also prevent rainwater from entering the tank because of the vent design. 



These are the specifications of Gizmo plastic vent caps. 


Material (housing)

PVC, schedule 40


Screen mesh material


Screen mesh size (2" and smaller)

17x17 mesh


Screen mesh size (3-6")

10 x 10 mesh


Screen mesh size (8")

1/8" PVC with" 0.125" dia. holes

Open area

40% (all sizes)

Maximum temperature

150F (65C)




Here are some application areas of Gizmo air vent caps.

  • Roof vent stacks
  • Air intake piping systems
  • Machine cabinets
  • Exhaust pipes

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Screen size:

  • Standard polypropylene mesh size is 17x17 strands per inch for sizes 2" and under, and 10x10 strands per inch for 3-6" sizes, and perforated PVC sheet for 8" size.
  • 17 x 17 mesh complies with FDA regulations for potable water storage.


  • Material (housing)...................................PVC, schedule 40
  • Screen mesh material............................ polypropylene
  • Screen mesh size (2" and smaller).........17x17 mesh
  • Screen mesh size (3-6")..........................10 x 10 mesh
  • Screen mesh size (8").............................1/8" PVC with" 0.125" dia. holes
  • Open area................................................40% (all sizes)
  • Maximum temperature..............................150F (65C)

How much air flow the vent caps are capable of, is a common question. The amount of flow through the vent cap depends not only on the size of the vent cap, but on the pressure in the piping system or tank, the flowrate. The amount of resistance to flow introduced by the vent cap can be conveniently expressed as the pressure drop equivalent to a length of the same diameter pipe.

As an example, to determine the pressure drop of a 4" vent cap, table 1 shows the equivalent pipe length resistance is 30 ft. Looking at the chart 1, and selecting the top curve marked HP220, the volume of air for this curve is reduced from approximately 230 (extrapolated to zero pipe length) to 200 CFM at 30 feet.


PIPE SIZE (inch)



















How to select the correct vent cap for your pipe size: 


1" Fits 
VC–1–F Female thread 30 MM I.D.
VC–1–S Slip coupling 33.4 MM I.D.
VC–1–M Male thread 32.1 MM O.D.



1.25" Fits:
VC–1.25–F Female thread 38.7 MM I.D
VC–1.25–S Slip coupling 42.4 MM I.D
VC–1.25–M Male thread 42.4 MM O.D 



1.5" Fits
VC–1.5–F Female thread 44.7 MM I.D.
VC–1.5–S Slip coupling 48.4 MM I.D.
VC–1.5–M Male thread 47 MM O.D.



2" Fits:
VC–2–F Female thread 57.3 MM I.D.
VC–2–S Slip coupling 60.5 MM I.D.
VC–2–M Male thread 59 MM O.D.



3" Fits:
VC–3–F Female thread 83.7 MM I.D.
VC–3–S Slip coupling 88.8 MM I.D.
VC–3–M Male thread 87.1 MM O.D.




4" Fits:
VC–4–F Female thread 109.6 MM I.D.
VC–4–S Slip coupling 114.3 MM I.D.
VC–4–M Male thread 112.5 MM O.D.





The flow of air through the vents depends on the size of the cap as well as pressure changes and flow rate in the piping system. This is an important factor in deciding the right vent cap size. We help you get the right one for your pipe size.

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