LMI PD Series

The new LMI PD series chemical metering pump line incorporates all of the latest metering pump technology into a very affordable package. This upgrade replaces the traditional P series and many of the A and AA series pumps that have been a mainstay in the LMI dosing pump family. The new pump line boasts features like FastPrime and AutoPrime with high speed 160 strokes per minute drives with fixed stroke length for reliable and repeatable chemical feed. The Enhanced electronics version has many bells and whistles previously only found on the most sophisticated pumps now available in a low cost design.

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LMI PD Series Chemical Metering Pumps 

The PD series has a wide range of outputs from .002 to 2.0 GPH and 50 to 450 PSI. Universal power supply is standard and it's indoor/outdoor rated. 

Check out this video to learn more about the LMI PD series chemical metering pump system.