UMP Digital Warewash Dispenser

The UMP digital is a chemical feed and control system that dispenses cleaning and sanitizing chemicals in commercial dishwashing machines. It helps in the effective cleaning of dishes, glasses, utensils, and so on. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer high-quality UMP digital systems manufactured by Knight Equipment. These Knight UMP systems are designed for extra reliability and accuracy. We assure you of competitive pricing and the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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How Does UMP Digital Work?

UMP Digital features a comprehensive set of programs and options for solenoids, probes, and ware wash dispenser configurations. You can utilize the digital programming menus, as well as push-button calibrations for setting up the timer, chemical dispensing amount, and other controlled features. These settings will help you avoid over-chemical dispensing and save on chemical costs.

Features of UMP Digital Knight

The following features of our UMP digital makes them one of the most popular ware wash system for dishwashing applications:

  • Our UMP Digital features probe less or probe mode as per the application requirement. It has both conductive probe and inductive probe capability that helps achieve consistent and accurate readings.
  • The inductive probe assures accurate detergent concentration readings and built-in temperature compensation for accurate conductivity readings. 
  • The inductive probe has unaffected by soiled water conditions, hard water scaling, and corrosion. 
  • It requires no maintenance, servicing, or regular cleaning. 
  • UMP equipment has an easy-to-program digital menu with advanced settings, including variable speed, rinse limit, rinse delay, rinse alarm, and so on.
  • The UMP Digital Knight system features two units for dry and liquid detergents. In addition, it has a detergent concentration select range from 0-199.
  • There are two solenoid options in UMP Digital, plastic, and brass. The newly added plastic solenoid is chemical and corrosion resistant and offers tool less screen filter servicing.
  • The system incorporates durable pump motors and squeeze tubes for long-term service.
  • The Knight Ware, wash control system, comes with a multi-lingual menu – English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, and so on.

Specifications of UMP Digital

At Cannon Water Technology, we provide UMP Digital 200D and 300L for your ware wash cleaning applications.


UMP Digital 200D 2 Product

UMP Digital 300L 3 Product


W 8.75" x H 7.5"x D 5" (W 22 cm x H 19 cm x D 13 cm)

W 9" x H 8" x D 5" (W 23 cm x H 20 cm x D 13 cm)


120, 208, 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

120, 208, 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Rinse Flow Rate

.1 oz/min - 1.5 oz/min (3-45 ml/min)

.1 oz/min - 1.5 oz/min (3-45 ml/min)

Detergent Flow Rates

8 oz/min (230 ml/min)

8 oz/min (230 ml/min)

Sanitizer Flow Rates


.2 oz/min - 3.0 oz/min

(6-90 ml/min)


At Cannon Water Technology, we strive to get the best products for your industrial and commercial water treatment applications. We also provide advanced equipment from this manufacturer. Like all other water and wastewater treatment products, UMP Digital is included in our inventory after careful consideration. In case you come across any queries regarding our UMP digital or any other product, feel free to reach out to us. Our customer support team will be happy to assist you.