Pulsatron Pumps

Pulsatron pumps are used for metering chemicals in various industrial and commercial applications. Pulsatron Pumps from Pulsafeeder have set high industry standards for metering pumps. At Cannon Water, we provide multiple models of Pulsatron pumps that can be used to meter chemicals in water and wastewater treatment applications. These pumps are designed with a proven seat and ball design, ensuring their accurate performance. In addition, all the pump models listed on this page are available for quick shipment. As a result, we assure the fastest turnaround times and competitive prices in the industry.

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Beneficial Features of Pulsafeeder’s Pulsatron Pumps

Pulsatron pumps are one of the most popular metering pumps used today. Our clients prefer them over other competitive brands due to the following reasons.

  • Pulsatron pumps feature a guided ball check valve system to reduce backflow and enhance outstanding priming characteristics.
  • These pumps are water-resistant and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Pulsatron pumps come with complete timer control in one unique package.
  • The pulsatron series pumps are offered with a warranty of two years on the electronic circuit board for trouble-free service.
  • The pumps are offered in fin cooled solenoid enclosure, which helps in effective heat dissipation.
  • This solenoid feature an automatic reset feature, which helps pump to restart its functioning on cooling down in extremely hot environments. In short, it protects the pump from seizure in challenging environments.
  • All Pulsatron pumps are tested to perform in high temperature environments and they meet pressure and flow ratings, too.
  • These pumps can encounter a wide range of chemicals and can be availed in various wet end materials.
  • We can customize these pumps in wet end materials to match your specific application requirements.
  • Pulsatron pumps meet agency approvals of ETL Sanitation, ETL, NSF 61 and CE.

Applications of Pulsafeeder’s Pulsatron Pumps

Pulsatron pumps offered by Pulsafeeder are highly suitable for the applications given below:

At Cannon Water Technology, we are committed to offer quality water treatment products. We take care to include only products from leading manufacturers. We take pride in our list of happy and satisfied customers who have been buying from us regularly. Their inputs and acknowledgement keep us going. In addition, the warranty period provided with our products enhances their reliability and gives our clients a hesitation-free service. If you have any questions regarding the Pulsatron series of pumps, please feel free to contact us today via email or phone. Our customer support team will help resolve your queries and guide you to choose the best product for your industrial applications.