Classic Series Double Head Fixed

Classic Series Double Head Fixed

Fixed-rate peristaltic metering pumps are designed for dosing solutions at a fixed rate. These pumps are used across water and wastewater treatment industries for dosing different types of chemical solutions at a fixed rate. Stenner Classic Series Double Head Fixed metering pumps feature two heads injecting two liquids at the same ratio during water and wastewater treatment. At Cannon Water Technology, we stock one of the broadest selections of metering pumps from Stenner, including Double Head Fixed output metering pumps from Classic Series. These pumps are ideal for 25psi commercial installations and are often utilized in large swimming pools.

How Do Stenner Classic Series Double Head Fixed Pump Work?

Stenner Classic Series Double Head Fixed pump features two heads and requires no output adjustment like adjustable output pumps. The output of the fixed-rate peristaltic metering pump depends on factors like – the pump tubes on heads and the RPM of the motor gears. The output shaft of the pump is operated at a fixed rate, which drives the roller assembly in the pump head.

The peristaltic pumps are activated by a water meter that helps dose solution at a fixed rate for water disinfection. In addition, they can be equipped with a controller for swimming pool sanitization. 

Features of Stenner Double Head Peristaltic Metering Pump

Double Head Fixed Output metering pump features make them a popular choice for high-pressure water treatment applications.

  • The pumps feature interchangeable pump heads and tubes that aid in quick model conversion. This helps reduce the cost of accessory investment when buying a new pump.
  • These pumps are fitted with a patented QuickPro® pump head that allows easy tube replacement without tools.
  • The pumps are entirely self-priming, which means they can be operated dry.
  • They will not lose priming due to gassing or air bubbles and will not clog due to dirt and debris.
  • These pumps are IP44 protected and CE approved.
  • The pumps feature a 3-point roller design that assists with anti-siphon.
  • No additional tube lubrication is required for these pumps, and they ensure years of lasting performance.
  • The output volume of these pumps is not affected by back pressure.
  • Unlike other metering pump models, these pumps require no foot valve to prime.
  • The pump is offered with all necessary installation accessories, so you need not spend additionally on accessories.
  • Depending on your application requirement, the pumps can be horizontally or vertically mounted.

Applications of Stenner Double Head Peristaltic Metering Pump

Stenner Classic Series Double Head Fixed pumps are designed to dose solutions such as acid, sodium hypochlorite, polyphosphates, and biocides for the following types of water treatment applications.

  • pH control
  • Disinfection
  • Corrosion and scale control
  • Sanitization
  • Oxidation

We provide Stenner Classic Series Double Head Fixed pumps in various models. If you are unsure of the suitable model for your application, our experts can help you. At Cannon Water Technology, we are aware of the water treatment needs of our clients. Being passionate about water treatment and water treatment technologies, we keep ourselves updated about recent trends and products. We always take care to include the most popular products on our list. For any queries on Stenner Double Head peristaltic metering pumps or any other water treatment solutions, feel free to contact us at the earliest.