ECON Timer Series

ECON Timer Series

Accurate dosing of chemicals is one of the important requirements in the water treatment and wastewater treatment industry. To meet this requirement, plant operators in the water and wastewater treatment industries rely on different types of pumps. Econ T-Series by Stenner is a popular programmable timer-activated metering pump, which is widely used for scheduled metering applications. At Cannon Water, we provide different models of Econ T-series pumps for livestock or poultry water treatment and other commercial water treatment applications. These pumps can be availed in 24 VDC installations.

Features of Stenner Econ Timer Series Pumps

We regularly supply Stenner Econ Timer Series pumps to clients for light duty water treatment applications. The following features of these pumps have contributed to their popularity.

  • The pump features solid one-piece tube construction with enclosed housing.
  • The pump can be wall mounted for easy operation.
  • These pumps are self-priming against maximum working pressure, and do not require foot valve.
  • Back pressure does not affect the output volume of these pumps.
  • Econ Timer Series pumps are approved by cULus for outdoor and indoor use.
  • This pump carries NSF 61 and 372.
  • The pump head needs no valves and can be easily repaired.
  • The 25 psi models are certified to Standard ANSI/NSF 50 and suited for spas, swimming pools, hot tubs, and various recreational water facilities.
  • These pumps can run dry, without damage.

How Does Stenner Econ Timer Series Pumps Work

The pump has 24 independent events that can be programmed in 7 day period. The event can be programmed for a minimum time of 1 minute and maximum time of 23 hours 59 minutes. The ON and OFF can be programmed for a specific time in an hour and minute increments. The pumps control panel features an LCD display, with a programmable clock that 24 hour format. There is a battery backup that helps maintain the settings of the programmed event and internal time. The LCD display shows up the mode of the operation, day, and time.

Applications of Stenner Econ Timer Series Pump

Stenner Econ Timer Series pumps are used in several poultry and livestock water treatment applications, including:

  • Delivery of live vaccines in water
  • Injection of algae and scaling control for cool cells
  • Chemical dosing for dip tank disinfection in poultry hatcheries

In addition to this, the pumps are used for metering in the following applications:

  • Sanitizing water fountains
  • Injection of enzymes or liquid solar blankets in swimming pools
  • Biocide feed for preventing legionella in cooling towers
  • Injection of enzymes in the drain line in commercial kitchens to avoid grease traps

Water treatment using quality equipment and solutions has been one of the biggest challenges for many people across the world. At Cannon Water, we address this by stocking one of the largest selections of water treatment equipment from industry-leading brands. Be it Stenner Econ T-Series Timer Controlled Dosing Pump or any other pump or hardware, all products are included with much consideration. This commitment to quality and service has helped us build a list of happy and satisfied customers across the US. For any queries regarding this Stenner Econ Timer Series Pump or any other pump, feel free to contact our team today. Our experts will patiently answer your queries and guide you to the right selection.