S Fixed or S Variable Series

S Fixed or S Variable Series

Peristaltic pumps are positive displacement pumps. This displacement may be fixed or variable type. Fixed displacement pumps are used for long durations to do a repetitive dosing or pumping task. Here the flow rate remains constant throughput. In variable pumps, the flow rate or dosing intervals may vary, and hence the output also varies accordingly. At Cannon Water Technology, we offer the Stenner S variable peristaltic pumps as well as the S fixed series Stenner pumps. We offer customization for both the Stenner peristaltic metering pumps S fixed series as well as S-variable series peristaltic pumps, in terms of the pressure, frequency, voltage, pump tube, O-ring type, and suction and discharge tubing to cater to specific application requirements.

Common Beneficial Features of Stenner S Variable Pumps and Stenner S Fixed Pumps

There are many benefits of using Stenner S series fixed and variable displacement pumps as long as they are used for their respective applications. Both these pumps have some common and some unique features. Here are some of the beneficial features of these pumps.

  • All the S series pumps come in a NEMA 4X complied enclosure and have a 3-point design which prevents siphoning.
  • These pumps, both fixed and variable have LED indicator lights and a display as well as a dedicated output relay which can detect leaks.
  • These pumps also have back up capability as well as a standby input option which facilitates remote functioning.
  • You can use the standby feature along with the transfer relay to receive a dry contact signal. With this, you can remotely start or stop the operation of the pump.
  • The tube replacement is quite easy as no additional tools are required for the task.
  • The pump is designed for dosing abrasive solutions, chemicals, and so on as they do not come in contact with the moving parts.
  • These pumps have a self-priming feature which keeps the inside vapor locked. They can prim on their own without the need for a foot valve.
  • They pump out off-gassing solutions and can tolerate dry runs.
  • These pumps have a manually adjustable flow rate.
  • The fixed S series pumps have a fixed speed set by the manufacturer and hence the flow rate is maintained at a constant speed. On the other hand, you can set the speed for variable pumps with an adjustable potentiometer and power input. They have a turndown ratio of 20:1.


These pumps serve as a backup and have leak detection as well as remote operation capabilities. Here are some application areas of the Stenner S series fixed and variable pumps:

  • Swimming pools and spas
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Water filtration and purification for domestic consumption
  • Metering corrosion inhibitors
  • Cooling towers

If you are looking for either fixed or variable displacement pumps, you have come to the right place. At Cannon Water Technology, we stock Stenner S variable peristaltic pumps as well as the S fixed series Stenner pumps which may be either battery powered or electrically operated. We also stock batteries and related accessories such as tubes which one can buy separately. All the pump models displayed on this page are available for immediate shipment. They can be shipped as and when required. If you have any questions about our Stenner S series fixed or variable series pumps or need to make an enquiry, you can reach us via phone or email.