Mechanically Actuated Metering Pumps

Mechanically Actuated Metering Pumps

Mechanically actuated metering pumps or dosing pumps are designed to release small, yet accurate volumes of liquids to vessels or fluid streams. These liquids can be anything from essential oils and perfumes used in cosmetics production or chemicals used in wastewater treatment. At Cannon Water, we provide mechanically actuated metering pumps from industry-leading brands. These pumps reduce the need for hydraulic oil or intermediate fluid that is required for the actuation of the diaphragm. The pumps are designed for continuous duty applications in challenging environments.

An Overview of Mechanically Actuated Metering Pumps

Mechanically actuated metering pumps are feature worm gears, motors, drive shafts, and pistons. All these components contribute to the effective performance of this pump. The worm gears are used to adjust the motor speed to required stroke lengths. These gears are used to turn the driveshaft to a specific stroking speed and this initiates stroking motion in the piston. This stroking motion of the piston back and forth actuates the diaphragm. The rearward motion of the piston also creates the rearward motion of the diaphragm, which produces a vacuum. This vacuum sucks pigment or liquid into the pump. When the diaphragm and piston move forward the liquid is pushed out of the pump in desired volumes.

Benefits of Mechanically Actuated Metering Pumps

Our metering pumps are used across industries for diverse metering applications. These pumps have gained immense popularity owing to their features. We believe the following features have contributed to their popularity.

  • The pumps are designed to be robust, rugged, and durable.
  • Their diaphragm is coated with PTFE material as well as equipped with a steel core, which contributes to their reliability and long-term performance.
  • They require no additional fluids for actuation, which reduces the chances of contamination.
  • The pumps assure accurate dosing and are widely used for dosing a range of mild to aggressive chemicals.
  • These pumps are leak-free and equipped with features that assure a good shelf life and flexibility.
  • Our pumps assure operational accuracy of up to plus or minus 3% and repeatability accuracy of plus or minus 3%.
  • These pumps are available with simplex and duplex arrangements.

Applications of Mechanically Actuated Metering Pumps

Our mechanically actuated metering pumps are suited for all types of chemical metering applications. They are used for metering the following fluids and pigments in water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing, and other industries.

  • Soapstone powder
  • Rosin
  • Polyelectrolytes
  • Alum and PAC
  • Soapstone
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Ferric chlorides
  • Alkalis, polymers, anti-foaming agents and so on

At Cannon Water Technologies, we are exclusively focused on customer satisfaction. Our experts work closely with customers to find the best pump for their needs. Our world-class customer support and dedication to their requirements have helped us build a list of happy and satisfied customers over the years. Do you have any specific requirements for mechanical metering pumps? Feel free to get in touch with our team today. Our experts will be happy to help you.