Stenner ECON FP Series, E20PH, High Output, 80 PSI

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Weight: 4.00 LBS
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Brand New! Stenner Econ FP Series Peristaltic Pump. Multiple Control Features and Variable Speed.
Multifunction  All-In-One Pump

The Econ FP peristaltic metering pump has all the features found in a microprocessor controlled system at a fraction of the cost.
This new pump is feature rich, simple in design and very easy to setup.


Water Meter Control:

The pump has a built in pump control module that accepts pulsed input from a water meter with a mechanical read switch.
For each pulse received the pump will turn on from 0.1 to 1 second or 0.5 to 5, 1 to 10, 2 to 20 or 6 to 60 seconds per pulse

Flow Switch Control:

When connected to a mechanical flow switch the pump will accept a contact closure input to start and stop the pump. Speed
is controlled by pre-programming the pump to a selected speed from 10% to 100%. Alternatively you can use any dry contact
as an input for start/stop control, like a relay or external on/off switch located in a remote location.

24 Volt AC Input Control:

When the pump sees a 24 VAC input signal it will run from 10% to 100% of it's rated speed. This works just like the flow switch
input control. This start/stop signal voltage is found on many water softeners and other types of equipment.

Easy Tube Replacement:

Slide cover up to access tube and rollers.
Pull out old tube, inspect rollers, clean housing
Install a new tube, replace cover and lock and
that's it. Easy tube replacements.


Pressure:                      80 PSI

Voltage:                       120 VAC
Maximum Outputs:     4.5 GPD, 16 GPD, 30 GPD
Power Cord:                 6' or 10' optional
Weight:                         4 lbs
Dimensions:                 5.3" L x 3.6" W x 5.8 H
Agency Approvals:      UL & cUL Listed
                                      NSF 61 & 372 listed for USA and Canada

Optional Mounting Accessories:

EC303 Tank Mounting Kit for Stenner Tanks

EC304 Wall Mount or Base Mounting Kit

Scan This QR Code With A Smart Phone For The Operation Manual

Here is the link to download the operation manual the old fashioned way

If you have any questions about this pump, please contact us any time.
Brand New! Stenner Econ FP Series Peristaltic Pump. Multiple Control Features and Variable Speed.

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