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T5 Timer Controller with AC Power Piggy Back Cord

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T5 Timer Controller

AC Power T5 Timer Controller is an industrial production timer that allows you to automate processes in a competitive industrial environment. Included in a rugged, compact NEMA 4x enclosure, this T5 Digital Display Process Timer is used to control equipment like pumps in various industrial environments. It features an alarm with relay output and a waterproof countdown timer.

Features of T5 Digital Timer – AC Power with Relay

The digital timer comes with a green button on the front and blue buttons on the sides. You can press the front green button and move buttons up and down to adjust the time. You can set the time range from 1 second to 99 hours. The timer starts a countdown as soon as you set it. It will beep and flashes on the completion of time down. This timer can easily change times on the fly and requires no instructions. This simplistic operation, combined with the following features, makes it one of the popular industrial timers.

  • Waterproof Enclosure: This timer is equipped with a waterproof and corrosion-proof IP65 (NEMA 4X) enclosure. This makes it suited for corrosion-proof and wet outdoors and production floors.
  • Buzzer: The T5 Digital Display Process Timer features the loudest buzzer on the market! It produces 103dB warbling buzzer sounds that can easily cut through the loudest industrial noise.
  • Compactness: Unlike other industrial timers, AC Power T5 Timer Controller possesses a compact footprint, which makes it suitable for all industrial environments.
  • Relay Output: The relay output of the timer can easily control other devices using the piggyback cord at its back.
  • Operating Modes: There are switches in the box that allows you to choose different operating modes. The following are a few common operating modes:

Mode 1: This is the default mode where the timer counts down from the set time. In this mode, you can easily cancel the cycle by pressing the start button.

Mode 2: This mode works similarly to mode 1 but it doesn’t allow cancellation.

Mode 3: This mode enables the mechanical triggering of the time cycle with a proximity switch. This proximity switch is a type of closed contact, which remains shut throughout the countdown process.

Mode 4: This allows cycle restart after pausing. This restarting can be done until the time accumulates to the value set.

Mode 5: The timer stops automatically at the cycle’s end.

Mode 6: This mode provides an early warning on the LED.

Mode 7: This is a guard duty mode, which requires you to continue pressing the button to avoid continuous alarm buzz.

Mode 8: It is employed during plating applications to set the timing for spray rinses.

Mode 9: It is the countdown for the machine to run down.

Mode 10: This is the on-delay mode.

Mode 11: It is the repeat cycle.

Mode 12: This mode sets off-delay for the relay.

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