Tank High/Low Level Alarm

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The TANK ALARM grabs attention with a bright flashing LED and a loud beeper when liquid level is too high or too low. Easy to install. Easy to adjust the depth in tank. Stop overfilled or empty tanks for good. It guards against overfilling or running empty. Easy to install as its battery powered. No wires, no electricians needed. Lithium battery included lasts for years.

Easy to adjust the depth of the Tank Alarms - just loosen the nut on the cord grip and slide the alarm to the correct depth. Adapters for any mounting situation. (2" NPT, bolt-on flange, bulkhead feedthrough etc.

Float is protected inside a pipe. A bottom screen keeps debris out of high level alarms. Optional top screens on all sides so solids, debris or insects can't ever foul the float. These have even been used on sewage tanks. Bottom screen is removable.

Weatherproof - all NEMA 4X construction.

Test button is included - press to test the battery.

Many different materials as the situation dictates: PVC, polypropylene, PVDF, Stainless steel.

Any Depth. Standard depths available up to 5 ft.

Different models
The PVC tank alarms have a polypropylene float protected in a PVC pipe, and the screen material is polypropylene. (THL-10)

Polypropylene models (ex. THL-PP) have all polypropylene parts including piping.

Everything Included
Every unit includes a threaded bushing to adapt the 1" NPT threads for the cord grip to 2" NPT. threads. Lithium battery or AC adapter is included.

You can use the AL-MP2 in conjunction with the Drum Alarm to extend the alert to other locations. See related product below:
Tank High/Low Level Alarm PVC/PP

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