Buttress Threaded Closure Style Bypass Feeder

A bypass feeder is equipment designed for introducing treatment chemicals in engine jackets, chillers, boilers, and so on. Bypass feeders possess a simple design with excellent filtration capabilities.

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Cannon Water Technology offers high-quality FA series bypass feeders from Vector Industries with buttress threaded caps. Our buttress threaded closure style bypass feeders are made with sturdy material and have been extensively used in water and wastewater treatment industries for introducing various chemicals like corrosion inhibitors, glycol, and so on. All buttress threaded closure-style bypass feeders listed here are available for immediate shipping.

Beneficial Features of Our FA Series Bypass Feeders

We provide the following types of FA series bypass feeders.

  • FA 700-TC
  • FA 700-ALTC
  • FA-900TC
  • FA-900 ALTC
  • FA-1000TC
  • FA-1000 ALTC

Some unique beneficial features of our bypass feeders are as follows:

  • All our bypass feeders are made of heavy gauge carbon steel and feature a chemical-resistant epoxy powder coating.
  • These bypass feeders can handle temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The feeders have ¼ inch opening for the bleed valve on the top of the feeder. 
  • These feeders feature adjustable leg stands that make their installation simple and compatible with various piping systems.

Precautions to Be Taken When Working with FA Series Bypass Feeders

The following are precautions to be taken when working with buttress threaded closure style bypass feeder.

  • Use properly rated drain and isolation valves for draining and servicing.
  • Use the feeders only for cold and hot water. Do not use them for steam.
  • Check with our experts to know the chemical compatibility of these feeders.
  • If you want to replace the cap, ensure the gasket is properly placed in the groove under the cap.
  • Ensure to close the bleed-off pressure and isolation valves before removing the cap.
  • Do not try to seal or unseal the cap by hitting it with any object.
  • Be sure to open the valves of the feeders slowly while putting them back into the service.
  • Do not mix different chemicals in the bypass feeder. Consult with your chemical supplier before doing this.
  • Ensure the backflow prevention device is installed on the closed loops in compliance with the local municipal and plumbing codes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our FA Series Bypass Feeders

The following are some frequently asked questions about our buttress threaded closure style bypass feeders answered by our experts.

1.      What is the maximum gallon size of these bypass feeders?

The maximum gallon size of these bypass feeders is 7 gallons.

2.      What is the maximum pressure handled by threaded caps?

The bypass feeders with threaded caps can handle pressure up to 300 PSI.

3.      Do all these feeders have legs?

Yes. All our bypass feeders come with adjustable legs for easy installation.

4.      Do these feeders come with filter kits?

Yes. Some of our FA series models, including FA-900 TC, come with filtration bags.

5.      What are the maximum and minimum inlet/outlet NPT sizes of these bypass feeders?

The maximum inlet/outlet NPT size is 3/4 inch, and the minimum inlet/outlet NPT size is 1 inch.

6.      Can these feeders be used for introducing hard chemicals in water systems?

Yes. These feeders are specially designed for introducing various solid and liquid chemicals like corrosion and scale inhibitors.

7.      Are these bypass feeders backed with a guarantee?

Yes. All our bypass feeders are backed with one year of replacement guarantee.

At Cannon Water Technology, we strive to serve you the best quality equipment for your industrial water treatments. Be it a buttress threaded closure style bypass feeder or any other type of bypass feeder, we ensure to include the best equipment for your needs. Our product catalog is curated by experts to meet the increasing demand for quality water treatment products. In case you come up with any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Our experts will help you throughout the process.