Double Containment Tank

Double Containment Tank

Bulk chemical storage and containment has been a key concern across industries. Chemicals in any form can be harmful, especially the toxic ones. Earlier they were stored in concrete tanks. However, given to the disadvantages and dangers involved, now they are being stored in double containment tanks. These tanks feature double-walled construction, which makes them reliable and suitable for storing different types of chemicals and sensitive materials.

At Cannon Water Technology, we provide double-wall tanks specially designed to contain harmful chemicals. These tanks are designed after perfected over years of research and are offered in different gallon sizes to meet your application requirements.

Features of Double Wall Chemical Storage Tanks

Our selection comprises D-Tainer Mini and Sherman Double wall storage tanks. These double wall tanks have been successfully used in various manufacturing and storage facilities. The following features of our tanks are widely appreciated by our clients.

D-Tainer Mini containment tanks are provided in 7, 10, and 15-gallon capacities.
• They feature D shape designs and take less floor space.
• These tanks can be mounted against walls or back to back due to their flat surface design.
• The flat design on these tanks prevents object from falling into tank edges when installed in hard-to-reach locations.
• Sherman double containment tanks are designed for storing toxic and hazardous chemicals, which are known to cause severe side effects if left unsafe.
• These tanks feature customizable designs, which means we can accommodate level sensors, pumps, and mixer agitators as per your requirements.
Sherman double containment tanks are offered in 18, 35, 65, and 120-gallon capacities.
• Both these double wall containment tanks weatherproof designs and meet regulatory requirements and assure safe storage.

Applications of Double Wall Tanks

Our double-wall tanks are widely used for storing the following materials:

We have been at the forefront of water and wastewater treatment for several years now. We understand that the requirements can be quite diverse, even in similar scenarios. Our experts work closely with clients to solve their operational problems by finding the most appropriate solutions. Feel free to get in touch with our experts today to discuss your doubts on double wall tanks and other water and wastewater treatment solutions available with us.