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Centrifugal Seperators

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Centrifugal separators are the equipment used in most industries. These are used to separate solid particles, sand, and dirt from process water / liquid system. Cannon Water Technology, Inc. is one of the leading providers of various models of centrifugal separators. These different models are used for different application requirements.

Centrifugal Separator Offerings by Cannon Water Technology, Inc.

We, at Cannon Water Technology, Inc. have the capability to provide you with various models of centrifugal separators for an efficient operation. Here are our offerings:

  1. Lakos ILB Series: This series of centrifugal separators is most commonly used for separating grit and sand from the process liquid system. The Lakos ILB series has the capability to remove around 98% of particles, which are 74 microns or larger. The maximum pressure rating for this series of the separator is 150 psi (10.3 bar).
  2. Lakos ILL Series: This is another series of centrifugal separators that we can provide you. You can mount the Lakos ILL series separators in three different ways. You can either attach it to a wall or set it upright with the help of a mounting bracket, or by incorporating legs. You can also mount these separators directly on the piping. However, while doing this, you should check the weight of the equipment after it is filled with water and solids.
  3. Lakos ILS Series: The ILS series of Lakos centrifugal separators require little or no maintenance, since they have no moving parts, which can wear out. In addition to this, they do not involve cones, cartridges, or screens, so the time and cost of cleaning or replacing them are eliminated.
  4. Lakos SandMaster Series: The SandMaster series of centrifugal separators from Lakos are made from stainless steel, which makes them extremely durable. Also, it helps them deliver an optimal operation. These separators are most commonly used in appliances, such as toilet tanks, and hot water heaters. This helps in eliminating the buildup in these appliances. Also, this series of separators helps prevent wear and clogging of sprinkler nozzles.

Benefits of Using These Centrifugal Separators

There are a number of benefits of using centrifugal separators for different industrial processes. The following are some major benefits:

  • Overall productivity is improved
  • Disposal costs of effluent systems are reduced
  • Very easy for to operate this equipment
  • Facilitates easy cleaning at the end of a production run

Cannon Water Technology, Inc. is one of the most trusted, and well-known supplier of good quality centrifugal separators in the US. You can rely on us, and be rest assured about the quality of products provided by us. Please get in touch with us at the earliest, with your specifications. Our team of expert, skilled, and knowledgeable staff would be happy to help you with the right model of centrifugal separator based on your requirements.

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Questions & Phone Orders

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