Lakos SandMaster Plus, Stainless Steel Hydrocyclone Centrifugal Separator Sand Removal System

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When sand gets mixed with water supply at your residence, it may cause severe problems. In addition to contaminating the water supply, sand particles may damage plumbing appliances, and fixtures, clog sprinklers, or settle on sides on faucet aerators, water heaters, etc. Is there a solution to these problems? Yes, there is a solution. Lakos SandMaster Plus is designed to remove sand and provide you fresh water. These water well sand separators are installed above the ground, as well as piped before the pressure tank. These residential sand separators can remove all unwanted solids within 3 minutes, thereby extending the life of your water treatment system. Cannon Water Technology, Inc., is one of the well-known distributors of these centrifugal separator sand removal systems in the US. The SKU for these systems is SMP.  

Specifications of Lakos SandMaster Plus Hydrocyclone Centrifugal Water Filter

We provide Lakos SandMaster Plus hydro cyclone centrifugal water filters in the following specifications:


Flow Range

Inlet/Outlet Size Male, NPT

Dry Weight

Weight with Water














































  • Maximum System Pressure: 100 psi (6.9 bar)
  • Maximum Temperature : 120 °F (49 °C)
  • Purge Connection: ¾ inch male, N.P.T
  • Flow Range: 5 - 70 U.S. gpm (19 - 265 m³/hr)     
  • Material of Construction: Plastic internal, stainless steel outer body
  • Dimensions: All the above-given SandMaster Plus water well sand separator systems are available in the following models:Compliance: The product complies with California Health and Safety Code Section 116875 (commonly known as AB19530).
    • Models SMP-05 & SMP-10
      • Height: 19-3/8 inches ( 492 mm)
      • Diameter: 4- ½ inches ( 114 mm)
    • Models SMP-20, SMP-30, & SMP-45
      • Height: 24-3/4 inches ( 629 mm)
      • Diameter: 6 inches ( 152 mm)

Beneficial Features of SandMaster Plus

The various benefits of these centrifugal-action sand separators for residential water well systems have contributed to their popularity. The following are a few striking benefits: 

  • The water well hydrocyclone sand separator helps meets the fresh water requirements.
  • The system protects sprinkler nozzles from clogging, wear and tear, as well as helps minimize clogging of faucet screens/aerators, as well as washing machine inlet screens.
  • SandMaster Plus water filters help improve the shelf life, as well as operating cycles of water treatment systems, water softeners, and under-link R.O. systems.
  • The system helps eliminate the buildup in ice-makers, hot water heaters, toilet tanks, as well as other water-related systems.
  • These systems are independently tested, which confirm their ability to remove 74 microns (200 mesh) sand, as well as other settable matter, thereby protecting the water systems from abrasive solids.
  • As the system is installed between the pressure tank and the pump, so there is no chance for system pressure loss.

 How to Determine Sizing of the SandMaster Plus Hydro Cyclone Centrifugal Separator Sand Removal System?

 Each SandMaster model operates for a particular flow range. Hence, it is important to determine a flow rate before selecting the model.

 Here is how to proceed: 

  • If there is an outlet valve between the pressure tank and the pump, you need to open it completely, and record the water volume that flows out of the valve in a minute. The volume can be measured in gallons or liters.
  • If there is only an outlet valve (faucet) between the house and the pressure tank, you can turn off other water outlets. After this, you can record the volume (gallons or liters), as well as the time between the pump shut off, and pump starting.

 To implement this technique, you need a 5 gallon bucket, and a clock or a watch. Here is how to proceed. 

  • Open the valve of pressure tank to drain water from the system, until the well pump turns on.
  • Allow the well pump to re-fill the system completely. This will turn off the pump completely. Now, the system is at its maximum capacity.
  • With no water flow from the system, take a 5 gallon bucket, and measure the volume of water collected, until the pump turns on.
  • You can monitor the time taken by the pump to replenish the volume of water (collected in the bucket). 
  • In the last step, the total gallons per minute (gpm) can be obtained by dividing the total water volume (in gallons) by the time taken (in minutes).

How Does a Lakos SandMaster Plus Water Well Sand Separator System Work?

The following explains the working of this centrifugal separator sand removal system:

  • Step 1: Sandy Water In: This is the first stage of the working, where sand, water, grit, and slit is allowed to enter into the SandMaster from the pump.
  • Step 2: Centrifugal Action Separation: During the centrifugal action, the particles are thrown to the perimeter, where they get collected in the lower chamber.
  • Step 3: Clean Water Out: Clean water exiting the separator enters the pressure tank. In this stage, water is free from grit or sand.
  • Step 4: Sand Purge: The sand accumulated in the valve can be flushed by opening it. This is not a regular process, rather it is done periodically. 

 * The SandMaster is not designed to eliminate soil/red colored mud or clay. Although, it will remove the heavier sand, still the red colored impurities may be left behind.

 How to Check the Particle Removal Performance of a Centrifugal Water Filter?

 If there is  sand in water, you will require a clear jar to decide if the Lakos Sand Separator can serve your purpose. You can test it in the following way:

  • Take a clear jar.
  • Take a sample of sand from the water system. It can be from a hot water heater, a plugged cartridge, a toilet tank, or a screen filter.
  • Add this sand to the jar filled with clean water. You can mix the sand and water by shaking the jar.
  • Allow the mixture to stand for a few minutes. You can observe the following:
    • Particles that get accumulated in the bottom within 2-3 minutes can be easily removed using the Lakos Protection Sand Separator.
    • Particles that get accumulated in the bottom within 3-4 minutes can be easily removed with a Lakos Sand Separator that is installed after the pump.

This method will not only help you judge the particle removal capacity of a LAKOS Sand Separator  but also know about the type of particles that can be effectively removed by the equipment.

Automatic Purging: 

For systems that have a lot of sand it may become necessary in install an automatic purge valve. This can be accomplished in several ways. We offer several options to automatically drain the sand separator. 


Systems for purging:

  • EzPurge: The EzPurge should be used in systems that do not have a pressure tank. The valve will open for several seconds each time the well pump turns on.  
  • DigiPurge: The DigiPurge offers the most flexibility over all of the systems we offer. This system can be programmed to operate the valve in many ways. 
  • AccuPurge: This valve has a built in repeating interval timer. Simple design, reliable, good for in-door applications
  • CW-07-MBV, Heavy duty motorized ball valve with repeating interval timer, good for indoor or outdoor applications 


Bracket Kits : Take the hassle out of mounting the separator by using one of our pre-made bracket kits

Visual Purge Kit : See how much sand is building up in the system with a clear section of pipe. 

Manual Purge Kit : One stop shopping is our goal. Get a manual purge kit now and save a trip to a big box store.

Applications of Lakos SandMaster Plus Centrifugal Water Filters

 The following are a few applications where SandMaster Plus centrifugal water filters are utilized.

  • Sprinklers
  • Ice-makers
  • Water heaters
  • Faucets
  • Washing Machines
  • Water Conditioning Units
  • Water Well Pumps
  • Undersink RO’s 
  • Hydrocyclone filter
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