Lakos SandMaster Series

Water drawn directly from wells and city water sources is often contaminated with sand and particulates. If not removed on time, this may affect your health and alter the performance of water treatment system in your facility. Most homeowners use sediment filters fitted with cartridges to remove these contaminants. Although these cartridge filters may work effectively, they require regular replacement. This directly adds to high maintenance costs. This is where Lakos SandMaster series centrifugal separators can make a difference. Cannon Water Technology provides SandMaster TM and SandMaster Plus TM Sand Separators to meet different filtration requirements. These water filters are designed to prevent sand deposits in water pluming lines and other water equipment in your homes.

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Features of SandMaster Series Water Filters Provided by Cannon Water Technology

SandMaster TM Series water filters have set a new standard for water treatment. We believe the following features of these water filters are widely appreciated by clients.

  • These filters use centrifugal action for sand and slit removal.
  • They feature no active cartridges or filter elements, which helps avoid regular cleaning and replacements.
  • The absence of regular filter elements also helps minimize replacement costs.
  • Both SandMaster and SandMaster Plus sand separators feature stainless steel construction.
  • This helps them survive corrosive water applications and ensures their lasting performance.
  • These systems are usually installed between the pump and the pressure tank, which reduces the chances of system pressure loss, like other filters.

Our selection also features SandMaster & SandMaster Plus accessories for use with sand separators. They are offered as optional accessories. Automatic purge valve, visual and manual purge kits are a few common ones among them.

Applications of Lakos SandMaster Separator Series

Lakos SandMaster separators are proven to successfully protect your water systems such as:

  • Sprinklers
  • Ice-makers
  • Water heaters
  • Faucets
  • Washing machines
  • Water conditioning
  • Undersink RO's
  • Water well pumps

Building the right water treatment system is not easy and requires several considerations. Choosing the right system fitted with proper accessories and parts is important to meet your water treatment goals. This is where our experts can help. You can get in touch with our team today to discuss your queries or doubts regarding Lakos SandMaster TM water filters.