WaterWorks Peroxide Check Test Strips

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As their name suggests, the Peroxide Check Test Strips are used to check the levels of peroxide in water. These strips have the capability to detect the peroxide levels over a wide range from as low as 0.5 ppm to as high as 100 ppm, and that too in less than a minute. The peroxide check strips are most commonly used for testing on-site peroxide concentration. HRP enzyme is used with TMB during the testing process, which turns blue in the presence of peroxide. Cannon Water Technology, Inc. can provide you with these strips at competitive prices. The SKU of the WaterWorks peroxide check test strips is 480014.

Specifications of WaterWorks Peroxide Check Test Strips

  • Details:Bottle of 50
  • Weight: 0.25 lb
  • Sensitivity: 0.5, 2.0, 5.0, 10, 25, 50, 100 ppm (mg/L)
  • Time to test: 32 Seconds
  • Number of tests: 50 Test Strips

Beneficial Features of WaterWorks Peroxide Check Test Strips

What makes these strips popular in many applications are the several beneficial features that they have. The following are some most striking features of the WaterWorks peroxide check test strips:

  1. The WaterWorks peroxide check test strips are capable of delivering highly accurate results.
  2. These check strips are extremely affordable, and thus prove to be a great replacement to the outdated testing kits that are cost, as well as labor intensive.
  3. These strips are manufactured using the most cutting-edge technologies and advanced manufacturing processes.
  4. They are easy to use, and you do not require any special training to use these peroxide check strips.
  5. There is no need for MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for the use of these strips.
  6. One bottle contains 50 test strips.
  7. The check strips are popular for their rapid results, and have a test time of less than a minute.
  8. The product is made in the USA.

Product Description

The WaterWorks peroxide testing strips allow you to check and measure water quality over a broad range of concentrations, and that too with a single test method. These strips can deliver precise results from 0.50 ppm to 100 ppm (mg/L). You get these results from in less than a minute, and this is one of the major reasons why most industries use these strips. These peroxide check strips come packaged in foil packs or bottles that are properly labeled with a color chart showing the details.

This water quality test is patented and is considered to be the most preferred and promising ones, when it comes to testing wet chemical peroxide. In addition to this, there is no need for a mechanical reader to use these peroxide check strips. Moreover, they do not require SDS, and any chemicals to mix, which makes them safe and easy to use. The indicator on these strips is non-carcinogenic.

Additional Information

Hydrogen Peroxide, which is abbreviated as H2O2, is known to be one of the most powerful oxidizers. It is most commonly used for washing various food items, treating minor cuts and scratches, and sanitizing swimming pools and hot tubs using biguanide (or Baquacil®) sanitizer system.

Please Note: These peroxide check test strips won’t work in organic solvents. You can get in touch with the manufacturers of organic solvents, and they may recommend you a better product that is capable of detecting peroxides in organic solvents.

Testing Procedure

As said, it is easy to use these strips. Here is the testing procedure:

  • Step 1: The first step in testing is to collect at least 250 ml / 8 OZ (1 cup) fresh water sample.
  • Step 2: Now, take the test strip and dip it into the sample water for 2 seconds. Move the strip continuously with back and forth motion.
  • Step 3: Remove the peroxide test strip from the water and shake it once quickly to remove excess water.
  • Step 4: Allow the strip to rest for 30 seconds and then observe it through the pad window. Check and match the color of the strip with the color chart.
  • Step 5: In less than 60 seconds, the test window will color completely.

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