Advantage Controls 1/2" blue poly panel for SFS Feeders

Advantage Controls

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The SFS system is engineered to inject city water into a bowl containing a solid chemical which will then be
dissolved and drained into a chemical solution tank based on high/low level switches. All systems primarily
consists of:
1. Liquid Level controller (except SFS-G01, SFS-G02, SFS-10 and SFS-20 models).
2. A Universal dissolving bowl.
3. ¼” plumbing manifold with shut-off, solenoid valve, pressure regulator and pressure gauge.
4. Molded solution tank with pump mounting shelf.
5. A two level float switch assembly (except SFS-G01, SFS-10 and SFS-20 models).


• Molded Solution Tank
• Pressure Regulator
• Level Controller
• Removable Floats
• Safety Shut-Offs
• LED Indicators
• Pressure Gauge
• Universal Bowl Assembly
• Non-Electrical Option