Chem-Tech J60718 Foot Valve & Strainer Assembly PVD-VTN-C, 3/8"

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J60718 Chem-Tech Foot Valve & Strainer Assy (PVD-VTN-C-3/8")
Connection: 3/8" OD Tubing
Body Material: PVD
Seat Material: Viton
Ball Material: Ceramic
Includes: Ceramic Weight

J60718 is to be used with KVC1, VVC1 & VVC9 wet end pumps.

The Foot Valve and Strainer assembly is designed to be used at the end of your suction tubing for your Pulsatron Metering pump. After you have cut your suction tubing to the correct length, you will attach the Foot Valve / Strainer assembly to the end of the line. The benefits of a foot valve are to keep your metering pump primed after the unit is turned off due to the check ball located inside.

The Foot Valve and Strainer assembly also includes a ceramic weight which helps keep the line straight and held in place at the bottom of your tank. When installing the foot valve, make sure that it is not laying on it side and that it's hanging near the bottom of the tank that you're pumping out of. If the valve is laying on its side, it will not allow the check ball to function properly.

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