CTR-V Chem-Tech Pump Soft Rebuild Kit, Viton Diaphragm, Seats and TFE Gaskets

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Stop throwing perfectly good pumps and parts in the trash! Rebuild them with our genuine Chem-Tech parts.

This kit will solve most of the problems with your Chem-Tech Series 100/150 Pump. You don't always have to buy a KOPkit to fix your pump. In most cases where the pump is loosing it's ability to prime or has leaks this kit is all you need to fix the problem. Unless you have a crack in the pump head, you can simply replace the diaphragm, seats and gaskets and your pump will start working again.

This kit includes:
1 Viton Diaphragm, P/N 25706
4 Viton Valve Seats, P/N J61515
4 Teflon Gaskets P/N J61518

Why Choose Viton?
Viton is a superior material when compared to CSPE or as it's better known as Hypalon. Especially when you are feeding chlorine bleach. Viton stands up to a wide variety of chemicals and will last much longer than Hypalon for most applications.

If your pump is leaking from the plastic parts then you may need a new head. In this case a KOPkit may be the best way to go or just buy the individual parts that you need.

Call us if you need help fixing your pump or have questions about which parts you may need.

Chem-Tech Series 100/150 Pump Head Soft Goods Rebuild Kit, Viton, Best Choice for Chlorinators

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