FlowLine EchoPod DL14-00

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FlowLine EchoPod DL 14-01 and DL14-00 is a general purpose ultrasonic level sensor. With this sensor, you get up to 1.25 m (49.2″) of non-contact level detection. In addition to this, it features a two-wire 4-20 mA level measurement output and 4 SPST 60 VA 1A relays. You can either configure the relay on a single set point alarm, or latch it on two sets for automatic fill or empty. This can be done in single or duplex control modes that have fail-proof logic. The external control hardware can be replaced by the embedded controller. This ultrasonic level sensor is most commonly used for a wide range of sticky and dirty type media. You can download our WebCal® software for free and purchase one USB interface tool for configuring the Flowline DL14-00 level sensor. Please note that EchoPod® is configured for the user with the help of our WebCal® software via the Fob USB interface tool P/N LI99-1001. The SKU of this sensor is Flowline DL14-00.

Specifications of FlowLine Echopod DL14-00 Ultrasonic Level Sensor
The FlowLine Echopod DL14-00 ultrasonic level sensor is provided in the following specifications:




49.2″ (US)
1.25 m (Metric)


Multi-Function Ultrasonic


24 VDC

Maximum Current

20 mA


General Purpose


30 psi / 2 bar




2 lbs



Signal Output

4-20 mA two-wire

Relay Output

4 SPST relays

Enclosure Type


Supply Voltage

24 VDC (loop)

Loop Resistance

400ΩO max

Resolution Of Depth Range (mm)


Resolution Of Depth Range (in)


Max Depth (m)


Max Depth (in)


Accuracy Of Depth Range0

0.125″ (3 mm)

Min. Process Temperature

-20 °F

Max. Process Temperature

60 °F

Power Consumption (watts)




Cable Length

1.2 m

Mounting Type


For more specifications, please refer the product datasheet.

Beneficial Features of the FlowLine Echopod DL14-00 Ultrasonic Level Sensor
Not just one, or two, but these ultrasonic level sensors are known for their number of beneficial features and advantages, which are as follows:

  • One of the most striking benefit of this device is that it features an innovative PC interface called WebCal. This interface allows the sensor to have fast and precise configuration.
  • The sensor is capable of delivering precise measurements, thanks to its automatic temperature compensation feature.
  • This is a multi-function sensor, which allows for a 4-20mA measurement. Also provided are the switch and control functions.
  • The FlowLine DL14-00 is a PVDF transducer with a rugged design. It features a 6P rated polycarbonate enclosure, which makes it ideal for corrosive applications.
  • It is a compact sensor, which has 2″ dead band, and 2″beam width. This is what makes the DL14-00 level sensor suitable and optimized for small tank applications.
  • This ultrasonic level sensor features four 1A relays, which can be programmed for switch or advanced pump/valve control, as well as fail-safety.
  • There are 4 programmable relays that are rated at 1A / 60VA:
  • 4 independent switch point alarms
  • 2 pumps (dead-lag) with 2 alarms
  • 2 pumps with 2 alarms
  • 2 pumps (duplexing) with 2 alarms
  • 1 pump with 3 alarms

This sensor has a great compatibility, and hence can be used efficiently with the following products:

  • DataLoop™ Level Indicator
  • DataView™ Level Controller
  • Commander™ Multi-Tank Level Controller
  • DataPoint™ Level Controller

Applications of FlowLine Echopod DL14-00 Ultrasonic Level Sensor
The several advantages and features of the FlowLine EchoPod DL14-00 make them suitable for use in a wide range of applications, some of the common one are as follows:

  • Small atmospheric day tank
  • Skid or process vessel
  • Lift station
  • IBC
  • Drum and sump applications


  • DL14-01 Includes Fob USB Interface Tool
  • DL14-00 No Fob
  • Only one USB interface tool is needed to program any number of EchoPod sensors

If you are interested in knowing more about the FlowLine Echopod DL14-00 Ultrasonic Level Sensor, please get in touch with our professionals at the earliest.

Know more about the products through PDF :-

Install Manual

Quickstart Guide

Echopod Flowline Series Manual

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