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KLD075 3/4" Brass Motorized Ball Valve, 95-250 VAC

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3/4" Brass Motorized Ball Valve, 5W, Voltage 95-250V, Normally Closed When Power Is Off

  • Two wire connection.
  • Power to open
  • Capacitor discharge to close
  • 5 second operation.

This unique low cost motorized ball valve is suitable for use outdoors and is waterproof  IP67 rated. The valve will operate on a wide range of voltage (95 to 250 VAC) When power is removed the valve will automatically close by discharging a capacitor inside the actuator.


  • Junction Box
  • Junction Box With Power Cord
  • Normally Open Valve Available Upon Request, Please Call To Order


  • Water Treatment Blow Down
  • Drain Valve
  • Cooling Tower Bleed Valve
  • Flow Control Valve
  • Automatic Purge Valve
  • HVAC Motorized Ball Valve
  • Low Cost Motorized Ball Valve
  • Two Way Motorized Ball Valve
  • Water Proof Motorized Ball Valve

 Use this valve with our digital timer controller to create an automatic blow down system or drain valve.



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