Boiler Accessories

Setting up a proper water treatment system for a steam boiler requires specialized equipment designed to handle harsh environments where saturated steam, steam vapor and high temperature water from a steam boiler can come into contact with the steam system equipment. It's very important that the equipment used in a steam boiler be properly sized and located at specific distances from each other.

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  • Neptune SC-316 Sample Coolers Neptune SC-316 Steam Boiler Sample Cooler


    Neptune Boiler Sample Cooler SC-316

    MSRP: $631.00
    NEPTUNE SC-316 Sample Cooler   Purpose: To cool hot water or steam samples for easy handling and effective sample collection. The Neptune SC-316 Sample Cooler is suitable for use on hot water, saturated steam, or superheated steam services...
    MSRP: $631.00

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  • Lakewood Instruments Boiler Sensor 1167162

    Lakewood Instruments

    Lakewood Instruments 1167162, 2 Electrode Boiler Probe Replacement

    Lakewood Instruments 2 Electrode Boiler Probe Sensor P/N 1167162   Price Shown is Manufactures List Price: Call For Best Price   "Do not use this electrode after a sample cooler" Specifications:Body: 316 SSElectrodes: 416 SSMaximum Pressure:...

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  • BoilerMatic 3000 Boiler Probe 051642

    Beta Technology

    BoilerMatic 3000 Boiler Probe Replacement

    This is an aftermarket replacement boiler electrode that will work on the BoilerMatic 3000 boiler controller. This is not the original probe. We have tested this electrode on an actual working BoilerMatic 3000 system and it is compatible. Note:...

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Cannon Water Technology has extensive experience setting up steam boiler conductivity controller and the related boiler equipment necessary to properly feed scale and corrosion inhibitor chemicals into the steam boiler, protect steam lines from corrosion and maintain the boilers conductivity settings using skimmer blowdown controllers.

These systems consist of the following steam system components: 

  • Steam rated motorized ball valves with electric actuators
  • Steam rated unions with orifice plate
  • Steam boiler conductivity electrode
  • High temperature injection quill
  • High temperature corporation stop
  • Steam sample cooler

Tips on steam boiler equipment installation: 

When installing steam boiler equipment it's very important to follow the manufactures installation guides. Read the manual front to back before doing your installation. It will save you a lot of time and money. Cannon Water Technology is often required to work on systems that we did not have a hand in setting up. More often than not these system are installed improperly leading to inefficient systems, frequent equipment failures and costly downtime. In many cases the systems are over sized and require rework to get them to work. Size does mater. Contact us if you have any questions about setting up your skimmer blowdown controller and related equipment. 

  • Probes: Steam boiler electrodes should always be installed horizontally into the cross and at least 2 feet below the surface of the boilers water level. This helps to prevent the probe from being damaged by steam flashing. The probe should always be covered by water. 
  • Unions and Orifice Plates: These devices are very important for the prevention of steam flashing across the boiler electrode and blowdown valve. The Union should be located 5 feet or less after the boiler sensor. Always use the smallest hole that still gives you sufficient water flow. You can always drill out the hole larger if your boiler is taking too long to blowdown.

Typical Steam Boiler Installation Diagram: