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Myron L RE-10 Range Extender for pDS Meters

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Myron L (Range Extender, x10) for pDS Meters
Range Extender:

The RE-10 range extender is a useful accessory fortesting high conductivity/ppm solutions beyond the normalrange of your Ds meter (except 512T10). inserting the re-10 into a sample-filled cell cup increases the maximumrange ten times. use the range extender whenever thereading is off the scale.



1. Fill the cell cup three times to rinse it, but each timeinsert the range extender to rinse it also.

2. Fill the cell cup with your sample. push the rangeextender into the cell cup, seating the o-ring seal.

3. Use and read the Ds Meter in the normal manner. Multiply the reading by 10.

4. For best accuracy, repeat the complete test with a fresh sample.

5. when you?re done testing, remove the range extender. Thoroughly rinse the cell cup and extender with cleanwater (preferably distilled or deionized) to eliminatedried salts build-up. This is extremely important whenthe instrument will be used to test high purity water.

Myron L (Range Extender, x10) for pDS Meters

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