ECON FX Fixed Speed Series

ECON FX Fixed Speed Series

Fixed speed pumps are dosing pumps that are operated at fixed speeds. These pumps switch off automatically when the flow stops and works at a fixed speed during the flow. These pumps are used for pumping applications across industries. At Cannon Water Technology, we provide different types of metering pumps from brands like Stenner, etc. Our Stenner ECON FX series dosing pumps are amongst the best dosing pumps. These pumps are designed for light-duty applications and offer accurate dosing and output productivity.

Beneficial Features of Stenner ECON FX Fixed Speed Series Pump

ECON FX fixed speed series Stenner pumps are widely preferred over other competitive brands due to the following benefits they offer:

  • Stenner ECON FX fixed speed series pumps are equipped with a brush motor for general and intermittent applications.
  • Stenner ECON FX series pumps are fixed speed pumps that require no regular adjustments.
  • These pumps are ideal for sampling, injecting solutions, fluid transfer, and much more.
  • The pumps feature a patented quick release pump head that enables quick tube replacement without tools.
  • Econ FX Series pumps do not lose priming due to off-gassing solutions, and separate degassing, or priming valves are not required.
  • These pumps eliminate the need for a foot valve and do not demand tube lubrication.
  • It provides fixed flow rate output. Owing to this feature, the fluid does not in contact with the moving parts.
  • The output volume of these fixed pumps does not get affected by the backpressure.
  • Stenner ECON FX pumps possess a three-point roller design that helps prevent backflow.
  • They can easily run dry without any damage.

Industries using Stenner ECON FX Fixed Speed Series Pump

Stenner Econ FX pumps are used across the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical Processing Plants
  • Paper Mills
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Wastewater Treatments
  • Power Plants
  • Metal Plating

At Cannon Water Technology, we are particular about the quality and performance of our products. We always take care to include the best products on this list. If you have any questions regarding these fixed series pumps, reach out to us via call or email. Our customer support team is always here to help you and guide you to choose the best product for your applications.